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Daily thread for July 24

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Haven't seen any DT's in a while so I thought I might as well start one

It's thursday morning over here and taking a short break from working to browse the forums... With the new design to work on (including a whole new brand version of the cat pages!), working on the coming meowhoo mews and starting a new cat behavior course in a week I hardly have any time to come here and post

Actually what's bothering most right now is that I have to sort out some stuff with the IRS They suddenly claim they have had no reports from me in the past 4 years and they want me to tell them what I've been doing, duh! I certainly have filed all my reports on time - they weren't much to look at granted, but they were handed in! Yuck - I hate handling tax matters!

Well, tomorrow after meeting my accountant and sorting things out - I'm taking hubby out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate! We still haven't celebrated my birthday as he was away at the time. My mom volunteered (ok begged ) to look after Ron tomorrow so hubby and me can go out That's something to look forward to

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!
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Woooo Anne - romantic night out with a candlelit dinner for 2 - sounds like heaven. I do hope you have a great time!!!!

I'm off to an interview this afternoon ostensibly for a consultancy role - but I'm hoping if they're interested in me then they might agree to use my company and it's ervices more broadly - no harm in trying . . .

Just to answer a couple of your questions from yesterday's DT:

1. Junior is a boy. He will be named either Aleksy or Dominik - we're holding off final decisions until we see him. He's due on 17th August (YIKES!!!!!)
2. I am hoping for an active (natural) birth. Indeed, I'm hoping to be able to use the birthing pool - but the UK NHS have serious staffing issues, and it will depend on a suitably qualifed midwife being available.
3. There is no nursery as yet. We just set up the cot in our room last night. Because I wans't ever expecting to fall pregnant, we've decorated the house to our tastes, and at present when a few months old, junior will move into a room which is (luckily) blue, but has lovely toile de jouey wallpaper. He'll just have to live with it for a bit before I redecorate (the paper was a tad pricey).
4. Basically, I have tried to keep everything white. I love crisp white bedlinen anyway, so have done the same with junior's cot. The cot itself is an off-white distressed finish.
5. Yes, I have been doing parentcraft-type classes - but to be honest I've learnt most of my stuff from books or from hubbs who already has 2 kids from a previous marriage. He's so cool and pragmatic about things, I'm not actually nervous about what's going to happen at all - well, maybe a bit . . .

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!
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Well it is Thursday here as well, an early Thursday morning and I was awakened by my cats acting in a most peculiar manner. Ripley was standing on my pillow with her front feet up on the window ledge in the bedroom growling and hissing quite low. The other cats were at the ledge as well, even the kittens and all of them were on alert.

I shook the sleep from my eyes and grabbed a flashlight and shined the light out in the yard. There at the feral feeder feeding side-by-side in perfect harmony was our resident skunk, a raccoon and a possum! The feeder tray had been empty when I went to bed, but the top of the feeder had been pried off (by the raccoon I am surmising) and the food had spilled out into the trays. It was an awesome sight to see these 3 woodland creatures coexisting peacefully and munching away.

Anne, I do hope that you get everything sorted out and that you and Issac have a wonderful dinner together. The work will still be here when you get back, that is always a constant to look forward to!

Yola, good luck with your interview! And congrats on being so close to your due date! I remember when you announced with great shock and delight that you were pregnant. It really seems like yesterday when that happened!

Well I am fully awake now, so guess I better get to work. I have plenty of stuff to do and the Mutual of Oregon's Wild Kingdom was a good, if quite early wake-up call!
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Oh Yola, this is so exciting! Again and again Congrats!!!!!!! Good luck with the interview... and I just can't wait until mid-August!!!

Anne - what a bummer! Hope dinner makes up for all the hassle!


I've been able to "sneak" over to TCS a lot more than I expected I'd be able to these past couple of weeks... this is the busiest time of year for Gary and I (well - each Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct), when companies report their earnings... and we have to listen to hour-long conference calls for each of the ones we have something to do with. We've got 14 companies reporting today!!! Thankfully, all of the calls are taped, and replays are available, usually for three days to a week. *Phew* Doubt I'll be around this afternoon or tomorrow though, LOL!

MaeMae is getting big - and getting into EVERYTHING! But the other cats (except Spooky) now play with her a lot, so thankfully that has made Gary's and my job with her a lot easier. She and Tuxedo have really become buddies, and I am CONSTANTLY amazed at how much he'll put up with now!!!! YAY!!!!! (Haven't heard back from Janice yet whether she wants to adopt her. I don't mind waiting more to find out....)
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Well, for some reason, I didn't sleep well last nite. I felt like I was awake all nite. Well, early this morning(I have no idea what time)Chewy came and laid down with me. A first He kept turning so I would scratch his chest??? Then he got up and laid down behine my head and stuck his nose in my hair. This probably lasted about 5 min. I tried to go back to sleep and he came back about 7:30 to get some more loves. I got up then. I don't feel too bad

I will be digging up some plants to ship to some swappers from Birds and Blooms. Then just some work in the yard some cooling down
Have a good day all. Got to get started now.
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In my humble opinion the IRS is as messed up as the CIA and the FBI! Sad but true!

Have a great time Anne!

PS... my middle name is Anne
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Ah! Temporary relief! My accountant is on holiday this week so I can't meet with him tomorrow - which leaves tomorrow for fun only It won't be dinner though - we can't afford dinner at this place. It's considered to be the best restautant in Israel and they have specials on Friday lunches.

Yola - I think with hubby's experience you should do just fine. Best of luck with the birth. I'm hoping to go natural too this time around (though I know there's a 50% chance of it ending in a c-section again).
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IRS Bah.

I'm bored at work. As usual I really hope things pick up around here. My boss just cut our pay by 10%. It's gonna hurt.

I get to go dancing tonite though yay!
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Hello all!

I'm sorry your having problems with the IRS Anne, hopefully it will all work out.

Just a few more weeks to go for you Yola. I pray everything goes as you wish. Good luck on your interview.

MA, too bad you couldn't get a picture!

I was awake most of the night as well. Max couldn't figure out where I was going to sleep. Started out in bed, went to the couch and back to the bed again. I exercised a little too much on Tuesday and now I'm having problems lifting my arms up. They ached all last night. Oh well, as they say, no pain - no gain. Have a great day!
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all morning
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Just another day at work with little or nothing to do. This is getting so old! I mean, it's nice to spend the day with you guys, and I am getting a lot done for SPA, but I am here to WORK. LOL

Yay!! One more week until vacation!! I'm leaving August 2 to go out to Ohio to support the Colorado Highpower Rifle Team at the National Matches. I'll be coaching one match, and being Team Captain for 2, as well as keeping everyone organized, arranging stuff for the team, and who knows what else. But what I'm really excited about is meeting a couple people from here, and most of the Save Samoa team. Well, we're still working out the details, but we're 99% sure we can all get together. This will be my first real vacation in about 5 years or so, and I'm really looking forward to it.
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Started the morning, with a scare: the dogs were having their usual romp, before the day got too hot. Ike was running and stepped into a hole (dug by Pearl), let out a yelp and began limping. I thought that he had broken his leg. Fortunately, he just twisted it a little and skinned his knee. He was walking fine, in about five minutes. When I talked to Bill, at lunchtime, though, I told him to make sure and fill in that hole. It is pretty deep and I have to watch my step, too. Dogs don't always look, when they're running flat out and Ike is a klutz, anyway.

Otherwise, today was as usual: work and home. I had to go sign some car papers but that's done, now.
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Anne, i hope you had a nice dinner, by this hour you have already had it, sorry to hear the I R S is bugging you, my husband is self employed, and we get once in a while, drives you crazy doesnt it, oh well thats the way the mop flops sometimes, i had a good day at work today, everyhting went smooth, made thousands of pizzas today for you all to buy we ship them all over, now the day is gone, so its time to go to bed, and then start over hope everyone had a good day!
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