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Cat care question

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Im sorry if this is the wrong forum for my questions, feel free to move my thread if necessary
Got my cats from the shelter today, picked them up over 4 hours ago. At the shelter they advised me the cats had just finished up a round of antibiotics because an upper respitory infection had been going around. My cats didnt have anything major at all, just a couple sneezes. Well, it gave them the runs. I thought she would have something for me to bring home to help solidify their poops but she didnt have anything. My question is, how often should they be going to the bathroom? I have 2 litter boxes sitting out and have been in the room with them most of the evening, and they havent done much but sniff the boxes and stick one paw in. But they havent gone anywhere else either so... Is this normal? Am I going to wake up in the morning with a mess on my hands? Or do they not use the litter boxes very often? I have no idea whats normal. Theyre both crashed out right now and Im off to bed in a few. I just wanted to know if theres a general amount of time between litter box visits?
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Sometimes when a cat's environment changes (like moving to a new home) they may actually not urinate or poop. When I brought my Ivan & Yuri home, they didnt use the litterbox at all until the next day (and I was equally nervous).Hopefully, things will be normal by tomorrow.
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I'm sure they've gone by now... but when we got all of our kitties we didn't rest till they had gone once in the kitty litter... then you're sort of guaranteed they'll go there next time... i'd keep an eye on them until they do go, just to make sure they go in the right spot.
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I'm sure they will use the boxes soon. When I brought Zoey home she also had some sneezing but not bad since neither them nor the vet decided it was bad enough for antibiotics. I picked Zoey up and stood her in the box, she sniffed around then got out..didnt go for probly a few hours but then she did! I was all excited LOL
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Moving this to cat health - hope all is well with the kitties by now...
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When my kitten got a slight case of diarrhea from antibiotics the vet gave me some probiotic gel stuff to give him for 2 days, it helped. It put back the good bacteria into his digestive system. He didnt have it really bad though so maybe thats why it helped so quickly.
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It is really dependant on the cats. Right now they are getting used to their new surroundings and may not feel comfortable using the boxes yet. Plus if they have diarrhea, that could stop them from using the box because of the pain it causes cats to pass loose stool like that. You can give them some warmed canned pumpkin mixed with their wet food, or if you have an older bottle of kaeopectate, you can use that as well. The new bottles now have an additive in them that is not safe for cats. The additive is bismuth subsalicylate and it can cause problems for the cat, so read the label and heed the warnings.
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Thanks everyon! Looks safe so far, at least one of them used one of the boxes!! Yay! So now we're off to show them the rest of the house, thanks!
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Keep in mind that too much territory may cause them to be scared. Adjust them slowly to the house. Don't let them out until they are very comfortable with the house. Then only let them out when supervised. You don't want them taking off. Just take it slow. Cats enjoy learning slowly.
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Yep! Kitty Queen is right.
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Agree strongly with the above statements. These cats have been living in cramped quarters (cages) for a long time. It is all they knew. To open up your home to them completely will sometimes overwelm them to the point where they just retreat to a small dark spot like under the dresser or the bed. Doing it gradually allows them to get used to the noises, the smells, the vibrations in the floor.
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how's it coming with the new babies?
all's well with the potty training i hope
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Thanks for asking! Theyre doing wonderfully They seem to be adjusting well. Only a few little situations so far as we get used to each other. We've learned to stay away from catnip and Ive learned that Abby hates to be brushed! Yikes! Still trying to figure something out for that. Ive been keeping them in my den/downstairs bathroom at night and when Im gone during the day, just for a while until they learn the ropes around the house I think I will let them out all day to roam soon.
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Oh, and I forgot your one specific question! Potty 'training' is going good too. Only one accident, when the pans were a bit full and Morgan decided he would rather go right outside the box, right in front where I have a little carpet thing Little stinker
Im getting a good pattern down I think. Using those plastic grocery bags to close the stinky stuff up and that works well.
Heck, this is much easier than potty training my daughter
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