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Ringworm, when is it not contagious?

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How long after the kitten's fur grows back is the ringworm contagious for? My vet said that once the lesions healed, they're usually contagious a few weeks after that. How long does it take for the fur to grow back after the lesions have healed? I'm trying to figure out if I can finally let them out of the bathroom (where they've lived for the past 2 months).

A bit of background about them:

Kittens 4 weeks old: I got 2 abandoned kittens that had severe ringworm on Sept 3rd. They were missing fur in patches over their body, feet, tail, around their eyes & ears. The vet did the woods light "uv" test & they both glowed apple green all over. They were put on griseofulvin (a liquid, not the pill) & the dosage was based upon their weight. Since Sept 5, they have received a bath every 3 days with the shampoo sitting for 10-15 mins.

Kittens 6 weeks old: Still glowing green, but not nearly as badly. Improvement over most areas but fur not fully grown back yet. Feet & face still have work to do. Still on meds & baths.

Kittens 8 weeks old: All places where there was missing fur is gone, they seem to be "cured". Vet EXTREMELY surprised at how well they look. Still on meds & baths.

Kittens 10 weeks old: The vet said they could stop being on the meds now. Fur is still good, no patches. Still on baths.

Kittens 11 weeks old: Vet says there's no "questionable" areas to do a culturing. However, we can if we want to, but he looks over every inch of them & says they look really good. Still on baths.

Kittens 12 weeks old: today. Should I take them home?
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Fulvicin at 4 weeks?! Didn't know it was safe at that age.

Generally after 4 weeks of Fulvicin they are not supposed to be contagious. That doesn't always hold true, but most often it is the case.
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Generally as long as the fungus is present it will glow under blacklight.
Not all ringworm infections glow, but as you've indicated that the vet did the light test and they did glow, I would use that as an indicator.

If the skin is healed and they no longer glow, they should be safe.
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