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back with my kittens after 2 weeks

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I got home last night from my two week business trip. My parents fed the cats while I was gone, but I'm the only person who normally spends much time with my 7 week old kittens so they were scared of my parents. Also their mother growls when someone comes near, and though she never bites or scratches, my parents kept their distance. Basically, what it amounted to was the kittens had no human contact to speak of for the two weeks.

Thankfully, 3 of the 4 came out to see me when I started calling outside their 'nest'. They still recognized me! Their brother though apparently doesn't and I haven't been able to check on him yet. I know he'll come around eventually, so that doesn't worry me. However of the 3 kittens who did come out to play, they all have what I'm guessing is an eye infection.

It was really heartbreaking to see. Brutus has a yellowish-white goo in his eyes and they were both closed when I got him last night. I used a warm wet wash cloth to open them so he could see. Another kitten had one eye that looked normal, but the other was closed. After I used the wash cloth on him, I noticed his third eye lid is red. Their sister's eyes were open, but she did have the goo under both eyes like she had had it too.

Is there a type of eye drop you would recommend to help clear it up? Is continuing to gently use the wash cloth an option to help clear up their eyes? BTW, their mother doesn't have any eye problems whatsoever. Thanks for any advice!
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You need to get them on some kind of antibiotic ointment. These kinds of infections have led to blindness in kittens. My best advice would be to take just one kitten to the vet and explain the situation. He may be able to give you enough for all of them.
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No advice. Just want to wish all the best for your kittens.
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I completely agree with Sandie. Also, welcome home as I missed your posts.

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