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I've had my near 5 months old maniac kitten for 3 months now. He's a short hair tabby with the oddity of having a tuff of hair coming out of his ears, his mother doesn't have it but his siblings does.

He chosed me, I didn't choose him. I chosed his partner in crime sister who is a calico but I let him win my heart with his independence and quiet ways. Before he was old enough to be adopted he never opened his mouth to meow like his siblings. Instead he made mewwing sounds with his mouth closed. As a matter of fact, we thought he was mute. Well now he opens his mouth when he wants to and can be quite nerving about it.

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Welcome Rain!

Your kitty sounds adorable! Please feel to post photos!
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welcome to the boards!!
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Welcome to the site Rain! Oh, your kitty sounds like a super sweet baby.

I look forward to getting to know you and your kitty on the board!
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Welcome Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the boards, Have fun here

Look forward to seeing pictures!
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Welcome to TCS, Rain!!
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Welcome Rain Enjoy all the cat info and good conversation on here.

Waiting impatiently for pics of your cute babies.
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welcome and congratulations on being chosen! It happens to the best of us!!
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Welcome to the board. And what a beautiful name you have.
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WELCOME, enjoy!!!
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So you have both babies now? I'd love to see pictures of them! And welcome!
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