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cat furniture

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I've been looking at web sites for cat condos, climbers, trees etc. Do any of you have any experience with these things? Bailey climbs on bookcases and dressers, but sometimes I feel guilty that she isn't getting enough exercise. (Hence my inquiry earlier re getting a second cat, which I will probably do fairly soon.) I have the feeling that these cat climbers, etc. may be to make the owners feel better, rather than the cats. I'd be afraid of putting a lot of money into one and having Bailey turn her nose up at it.
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I have fount that if the cat tree is taller than any other stick of furniture, the cats will LOVE it.
Don't forget to check Meowhoo too!
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If you buy one tall enough, stable enough and solid enough, very few cats will turn their nose up at it. Check The Market Place Forum here in our main section of Forums listed, as well as www.meowhoo.com

There are a lot of good companies out there that make everything from the practical to the over the top.

Not a cat condo per se, but the most outrageous thing I have seen since working with Meowhoo, is a cat house that attaches to the outside of your home (you have to drill a hole in your wall! The condo is fully furnished with even oil paintings and a screened in porch so your cat can get out but not outside. My point is, if you need it for your cat, the product is out there. Searching is half the fun!
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I dont know any cat that wouldnt love a cat tree/condo!!
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Thanks all for the help with this. Now that Ihave some, sites is there any kind that works best - trees, condos, whatever? I see there is a basic piece which can be added to - maybe this? I suppose it boils down to MY personal preference and space considerations, but if anyone has a particular piece that is a hit and can give me the site, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again.
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I am really impressed with Cozy Cat Condos. Yes their units are expensive, but they are the most stable cat condos that don't need to be braced. As we were assembling ours the cats were all over it in every stage of assembly and loving it.

Here is a link:

Cozy Cat

If you are looking for something that is lightweight and will provide good exercise for your cat, The Feline Furniture Company makes an excellent and fairly inexpensive cat condo/exerciser. One of the things I like best about this model is how easy it is to move and how you can replace worn pieces easily without having to throw the entire unit in the landfill. Here is that link:

Feline Furniture

And although I have not had the pleasure to review Amy's condos at CatsPlay.com I have heard she offers a good product for the price. Here is her link:

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Thanks for the compliment, Hissy.

If anyone has any questions they can always PM or email me (I often forget to check my PMs, though!).
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