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All I want for Christmas is a calm kitten!

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Wink is a little pistol. She fits just right on my legs when I am at the computer, and I have the slide out tray so she grips the tray for support and falls asleep, like she is right now. The only problem is before she falls asleep from exhaustion, she has spent about 20 minutes chasing my fingers across the keyboard, wrapping her paws around my right wrist and biting my fingers everytime they move. Puts a real dent in my speed typing! LOL

Sometimes, she insists that I say hello to people from her and she will reach her paw over and tap the keys in a mimic of what my fingers are doing, and she leaves interesting messages in my documents, emails and pm's. LOL I wish the camera were closer because right now she is scrunched between my legs on her back, her paws are on the rest pad of the keyboard, her head is over the left and my right arm is on top of her head (lightly) as it is the only way I can type..........and of course the camera is across the room.
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Calm kitten? Mary Anne, you of all people should know that is an oxymoron!

Wink is just trying to help! Isn't she a good helper???
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Aww she sounds like so much fun

Zoey likes to grab my hands when I'm typing too
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If you had a calm kitty you probably wouldn't know what to do!
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I didn't realize there were calm kittens! Neither of mine were, they were constantly into everything, and making noises at all hours. Some things haven't changed.
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Calm kitty? Hissy you know there isn't anything like that!!
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Dang..too bad that camera isn't closer!
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Now Mary Ann you know if that kitten were to act calm you would rush it to the vet! LOL
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calm kitten, whats that?
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calm kittens!! that is the funist thing i have ever heard. If you find any let me know
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She sounds sooooo cute!!!!
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LOL! Is she keeping her claws in when she helps you type? I think you're going to have to summons Mike to take the photo - it sounds tooooo funny!!
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LMAO Mary-Anne you go winky

Very Cute & Naughty!!!
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when i saw the title of the post i thought....
calm? kitten? christmas?
em.... maybe your kitty will be calmer by christmas...
sounds exactly like mythie...
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