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Another shooting in NEW YORK

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A man shot and killed a concilmen(SP) in city hall today in NY City,police then shot and killed the gunmen. What is this world coming to?
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A very nasty end
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And this is in the city with the toughest gun-control laws, in the country! WHEN are they going to let the GOOD GUYS shoot back?
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Well at least they shot and killed the gunman, which will save NYC the costs of a trial and a prison cell. It just amazes me that someone got a gun into City Hall!
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Watching the news tonight they said that NYC is changing it's policy so that NO ONE can get into City buildings without being screened. Apparently if you were an average Joe you got screened, but if you knew someone you could just walk in. They also showed the security here in Denver, and to my surprise we actually have better security for our City Councel than New York!!!
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In My Opinion only... i don't think the fact that you can so easily obtain a gun helps. I mean there are a lot of countries that don't have guns for sale. In the UK and many european countries it is particularly difficult to get a gun. In malaysia it's almost impossible to get one. And we're safe...

And i hope it never changes. Knowing that the only people out there with a gun, are the police, makes me feel very safe. I would hate to have to live in the kind of place where i have to worry about drive-by shootings, or the man behind the petrol station counter having a gun and an itchy trigger finger...

I really think there ought to be stricter gun laws in america.
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It would be great if criminals had less access to guns, but unfortunately they have more. Obtaining a gun legally in the US is not nearly as easy for the honest citizen as it once was. Criminals can get them anywhere.
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I know that all of the city and county buildings, here in Tucson, have had metal detectors, since the early '80s. EVERYBODY - employees, judges, lawyers, as well as the public - has to go through them.

There were several high-profile drugs trials here and on several occasions, weapons were found stashed in restrooms, outside of the courtrooms. That prompted the detectors. Whenever there's a case like that now, detectors are also set up outside the courtroom.

Since 9/11, you cannot get into City Hall, without a verifiable appointment and, unless you're under arrest by the FBI, you can't get into the Federal Building at all.

I can't believe that security was so lax in New York City, of all places!
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