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My hamster gang! (lots of pictures!)

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Thought I'd introduce this lot who take up most of my time, but that's just fine

In no particular order..
The syrians.

Gloria (long haired cream rex)

Roxy (long haired sable roan)

Keira (long haired mink)

Gladys (short haired red eyed cream banded)

Mason (long haired sable)

Tayla (short haired dove) (impossible to take pictures of!!)

Uri (short haired black banded dominant spot)

Mia (long haired dove)

Peanut (long haired red eyed cream roan) (actually my mums )

Hope you like them
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Oh my goodness, that is a WHOLE lot of cuteness in one thread!!! They are all so adorable!
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Aww they are very pretty. I had one hamster - a golden banded Syrian hamster named Peanuts. He was very special and very tame. I'd carry him around in my pocket and he'd go to sleep. I could take him outside and he'd stuff his face with clover and had no desire to take off. Very smart hamster too.

When he died, I cried and I haven't gotten another hamster since - no one would be as good as Peanuts was.
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Awwwww they are just beautiful.Lovely pictures. I used to ahve a hamster and I was heartbroken when she passed, they just don't live long enough and I get so attatched.xx
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Oh my goodness, they are all adorable!!!
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I used to have hamsters when I was little. I remember 1 that was my favorite named him Winslow. He was very friendly all the others bit, he never did. He really liked to be held and patted. I haven't thought about him in a very long time.
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