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Head butters / do cats know more than we are aware of

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Why do cats head butt - Brandy - my tabby comes over to me every now and then and head butts, gets a head scratch and then trots off. Vicki walks over and gives me one hell of a thwack and I figure its a hell of a way to get attention. She will head butt my hand, chin, elbow but mainly my head and I figure its for attention- is this something both my crazy cats do or is it a common thing? or am I just a plane crazy cat lover.

Also - how is it that cats have the ability to know when you are feeling low or poorly? I have been awake since the early hours this morning as my step father (60)is in hospital fighting for breath due to possible lung cancer caused by asbestos and collapsed lung. So my mind is with him and my mother - my real father lives in canada and hes not well. So I am sat in the lounge and feel a migraine coming on, take tablets and sit back - then two sets of purrs find me and goto sleep on me. How do they know I was low and not feeling well? Within a couple of hours of stroking cats - i feel a hundred per cent better - familly still ill but I feel better and cats are nigh on cloud 9 with pleasure- vicki still love nipping me.
What do cats know that we cannot pick up on?

If you see someone without a smile - give them yours - its a reflection on you.

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my kitties always give me lots of love when i'm sad or don't feel good cats are smart!!

Welcome to the boards!!
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You know, my Ophelia is the most empathic being I have ever known. When she was a little feral kitten, and I still couldn't even touch her, she slept with me on my pillow for 3 days when I was really sick. She just knew that she could do something to help. We always know when the other person is sick or depressed or just down, because Ophelia will keep checking on us and will come and snuggle.

P.S. I'm going to move this to Behavior for you.
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Head butting is one way cats in a colony will say howdy to each other. So, being head butted is an honor and shows that the cat considers you a member of the family!

I agree that it is amazing how perceptive some cats can be. Having a cat come up and give head butts or extra snuggles when you are feeling down is a wonderful thing!
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My babies always know when there is something wrong. I have been sick several times in the past 2 years, and Fred always sits on my pillow and watches over me while I sleep. He once stayed awake 18 hours straight waiting for me to wake up. My s/o said Fred would stroke my hair with his paw, and put his little nose on my forehead like he was checking for a fever. When I finally woke up, he was sitting on my pillow, leaning up against the wall, looking completely exhausted. I spoke to him, and he snuggled down beside me for a nap, but if I moved more than just a tiny bit, he would be wide awake. I had a kidney stone a few weeks ago, and Pearl watched over me and groomed my head while I slept. She would allow Fred on the bed, but not Georgia. My little guardians.
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Cats are so amazing. Zoey gives me head bonks all the time. Especially when I come home from work. On my legs, my hand, my head, wherever! LOL. It's a sign of affection and "pet me!!!"

I havent had Zoey long so I'm not sure how she feels about me upset. I was crying pretty hard a couple weeks ago because of something personal and she kinda stayed her distance I think she was kinda scared and never heard this noise before. She was near me though kinda lookin at me weird.. but once I calmed down she was there to give me love.
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Max always knows when I'm not feeling well. I suffer from migrains and really all that works is lying down in a cool, dark room. He comes and purrs me to sleep and when I wake up I feel so much better.
He loves to come and comfort me when I cry, which is usually while watching sad movies. I just love my fur baby.


I'm so glad you have your fur babies to comfort you during such a stressful time in your life.
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We used to have a cat when I was in my teens (he was a stray that we adopted when I was 10 - and he died 15 years later). His name as Grymlkin - he was black. He used to hate people crying! He would become all agitated and try and comfort you. No-one realised it until I was pretending to cry the one day and along he came - my lack knight to the rescue!

As to head butting - we call it kissing. I think that they are marking you with their scent - as they do other cats in their colony or family. It is an honour and I love getting them...

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