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new kitten question

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I have a 3 month old kitty named Farina that seemed to be a little lonely. So i put the word out to friends and relatives that i was looking for another kitten playmate around the same age. My mother-in-law got a kitten for us from another friend. He says she has had all her shots, but we are still trying to get the records for her. I just took Farina to the vet the other day to get his initial shots and the doctor told me that i should keep them seperated for 10+ days. Unfortunately, my wife has already introduced them and now im scared because the vet warned me that the new kitten could be carrying something. Someone please reassure me that both will be fine. I feel terrible that i didnt get to do much research on this beforehand. The new kitty was kinda just sprung on us.

besides that, they are getting along ok. They chase each other and wrestle, but i'm sure they are just playing. I've only heard a scream of 'uncle' once or twice.

On another note, Farina, who we thought was a girl for about 2 months now - is really a boy! i am soooo embarassed!

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First of all welcome. Now, clam down. The vet is only telling you that because when you bring a new kittie home, there are different "well virius" (nothing bad it just means that they have to get use to your house air compaired to the house air where the baby came from). As long as the vet thinks the kitten is healthy, I don't think you have much to worry about. Besides, they are playing and it seems like nobody is sick. If you notice any runny eyes or nose, then I would contact the vet as to get them some antibiotics. My vet thinks the same thing and I do keep them separated but I didn't know when I got my first kittie and my second that I needed to separate them. They both will be 11 this year and are the best of friends. I've added a few more to my household and everyone is fine although I now do separate them for 10 days. Good luck and know that you can come here with anything questions or concerns.

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Forgot to mention but I think you need to find a new name for the first baby. Something that sounds like his name now. Sounds like both are in a wonderful home. Also, don't be embarassed, we are only human and make mistakes. Heck I still do when I have a litter of kittens and until they are old enough to really tell, I think the testicle fairy comes quite often in this house.

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I was thinking about changing his name, but now i've almost got him trained to come when i call his name. I sure am glad they dont really understand english cause we've been calling him "daddy's little girl" for months now . Thanks for the advice, i feel much better.

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For the record, I don't think that "Farina" is a girl-sounding name. I think you could keep it. Tell people you named him after a breakfast food!

My tiny little "Squirt" is now a whopping 14 lbs. Try explaining that one to people.
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Deb I love Squirt's name. When juding shows and I hear some of the names, I just look at the person, put my hand on my hip and ask how they got that name.

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There's an actor named Dennis Farina. I can't remember what movie I saw him in, though...
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Hi and welcome to the Cat Site!

I agree with a lot of the points that Frannie made in her response to you - however, she mentioned asking for antibiotics if you observe runny eyes or noses. I simply do not agree with this UNLESS they are indicated.

If you DO get runny eyes or noses, I don't think that antibiotics are the answer unless there is an actual infection present, which would be evident by the color of the mucous. If it is clear or white, this is normally not an infection and does not require antibiotics. Yellow is almost always viral in nature, and as such, will not respond to antibiotics. It is only when you have green, which would suggest a bacterial infection, that antibiotics are actually indicated.

When you give antibiotics to cats (or any living creature, for that matter) when they are not indicated, you run the very real risk of weakening the body's natural immune response. What you are doing amounts to disallowing the cat to develop it's own antibodies, which is a very important thing not to do when introducing to a new enviroment. If you DO choose to go the antibiotic route even though not indicated and find they help the symptoms, after the medication is discontinued, the symptoms may come back because whatever is causing the runny eyes/noses is still present in the environment and the cat hasn't the ability to fight it on it's own. You will have to give antibiotics every time the cat shows symptoms, and that is such a vicious cycle to get into. You succeed at nothing but further weakening the immune response, spending money for a medication that won't help the symptoms for long, and stressing out the cat when you have to administer them.

It is my opinion that we've become a society dependent upon our health care professionals to "fix us" (as well as our pets) and we are absolutely fixated upon getting a pill or treatment plan that we may not even need. The body is a wonderful thing that possesses the ability to do the job it was meant to do - without human intervention in the form of a pill or chemical. (But here I go again - up on my soap box...sorry *grin*)

You must do what you & your vet think is best for your cats, but as with any medical or health care professional's opinion, (and don't ever forget that it is just exactly that...an opinion) it is always good to question and do your own research.

Best of luck to you,

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