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Im new!

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Hi everyone! Im a new cat-owner-to-be! Im picking up my cats tonight and Im so excited I can hardly wait. I figure I will tell you all a little about me since I plan to join in the discussions once in a while

I havent had felines since I was about 7 years old, so this is new for me. Ive held off for so long for different reasons. First I was in an apartment that didnt allow pets, then when I moved to my new house I was hesitant because of family. My sister (who rarely visits) is very allergic, my dad loathes cats and my mom is somewhere in the middle; mildly allergic and dislikes them. But after considering it for the last 6 months or so, I figure thats no reason for me to be catfree for the rest of my life!

So Ive made many trips to the local shelters in the last 3 months. I was trying to make up my mind and also see whats available, what the costs and responsibilities would be, things like that.
Over the weekend I visited 3 shelters and returned to one that I really liked and also liked the cats they have available.

I decided on Morgan and Chica (names the shelter gave them). The shelter doesnt have a lot of info on them, apparently there were a handful of cats all taken from the same home (about 7 cats I think?) for legal reasons. They were all very well taken care of and in good health. They are both spayed and the sweetest little babies. I have a 3 year old daughter that they do really well with (and vice versa!).

I bought all my supplies this week, whew! Its amazing how it all adds up. I had no idea there were so many choices in foods and litters out there. I dont think these cats are too picky, but they might be. I ended up buying Tidy Cats clumpable litter, for multiple cats. For food I bought both Maxximum Nutrition and Cat food for the Cat Lovers Soul or something like that. I plan to mix them for a while and see if they prefer one or the other. The shelter they are at right now mixes based on their donations, but tries to use the Cat lovers Soul food as the base.

At first I was torn on getting both Morgan and Chica (I plan to change her name, I dont care for Chica very much). I just loved Morgan and Chica seemed a little less friendly, slightly standoffish. Well I went back again on Monday to visit more with her and make my decision and decided shes perfect. She probably was sleepy when I visited the first time, which made her less social. But the second time she was so friendly and loving and let me nuzzle her.
Their pictures should attach. Chica will be in this post I think and Morgan in the next. Im thinking of re-naming her to Abigail, Abby for short. I figure they will do well together since Im gone at work all day.

Anyway, I will check in later tonight when I get the cats and let you know how its going! Any last minute tips or advice?
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Here is a picture of Morgan
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awwwww what a cutie! Welcome to the boards! I'm sure you will love it here!
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Welcome to the boards! Can't wait to hear about your adventures with the new kitties.
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Oh, they are both just beautiful! And welcome to the site!!

Let's see, last minute advice... Check out this Adobe Acrobat file: http://www.straypetadvocacy.org/PDF/Adoption.pdf which is made up of 3 articles from The Cat Site that we put together for help with new kitty parents. It does take a while to load (but then again that could be my work computer today...it seems to be having problems with every PDF file I pull up!)

Biggest advice I can give you is to allow Morgan and Chica to get used to the changes you are giving them. Cats generally don't do change well, and you are bringing them from a "safe" place (the shelter) to a new place with different smells and new people and it's kinda scary! Allow them to hide, give them one room when you bring them home, a safe room with places to hide. Don't force them out of hiding, they will come out when they feel comfortable with their surroundings.

Of course, you may get lucky and the change won't even phase them.
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Thanks for the article! I think I read most of it on various places on the site, but saw a few new tidbits added in that article that I didnt see before. Im sure it will come in handy!
Im so excited! Its only 1:30 here and I have to wait until after work, so it will be about 6:15 before I can get them.
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:flash: Congratulations on your new furbabies, and welcome to the Cat Site! :flash:

This is a great place for information, advice, support, and fun!
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Welcome to the site. I'm new too and if there is anything you need to know about cats you will find it here.
Enjoy your new bundles of fun
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What precious babies you're getting! They are just too cute! And as long as Chica doesn't really know her name already, changing it to Abigail should be fine. Make sure you post more pictures when you can, and welcome!
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Welcome, I am semi new here, been on since May. You will love it here. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help when needed. You will end up being on here a lot. It is addicting.
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Im so thrilled! I picked up my babies tonight and so far so good. Put their collars on at the vet and bribed them with a few treats to get on their good sides
Morgan objected slightly to his cage, he wasnt very happy about it and meowed quite loudly the whole way home! :P Abby, as she is now called, (short for Abigail) didnt mind it as much. Although shes not as vocal as he is anyway.

We brought them home without incident, although I was a bit unnerved to see Morgans cage coming apart! Yikes! I fixed it once we got inside. I brought them to my den, their temporary home and opened the cages (my daughter wasnt in the room just in case). They both came out right away and snooped around the room. No problems!

My daughter and I ate dinner, with me checking on the cats every few minutes. At one point, I realized I messed up. My house is an older one that Im fixing up. When I moved in I removed the gate off a heat vent and have yet to replace it. It wasnt an issue before. Well I thought I had blocked it sufficiently, with only the smallest gap showing. I went in to check, and sure enough Abby snuck through! Ack! I could hear the vent (tin) making noises way back. I called for her and thank God she came right back! Rookie mistake, I promise I plugged it up good with towels for now, and will get the gate thing right away.

We've been home for about 90 minutes now and they are well accostomed to the room. My question now, is do I let them get used to the rest of the house? My daughter has been spending some supervised time with them, and is now watching a video. Morgan really wants to get out and roam, he keeps meowing and trying to go places! He can fit his paws out under the door. Should I let them since theyve been fine with everything? Theyve each had a small bit to eat and drink, but havent used the litter box yet. I got more info from the shelter that most of the cats had an upper respitory infection and were treated with antibiotics, hence they now both have diarrea (sp?). Should I not let them roam yet? Wait til they use the litter boxes? Suggestions?

So far they are the sweetest cats!! No hissing or signs of aggression at all! They are taking turns sitting on the windowsills, jumping in my lap, roaming the room, things like that. Im in love!

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Personally, I think I would wait at least until they use the litterboxes. That way they won't get confused when they are out exploring as to where they are supposed to go.
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Welcome!!!!! Cute kitty pictures
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Welcome MamaKat!!
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Hi! Welcome & Congrat's on your new kitties.
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Welcome! Your kitties are so nice!
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Welcome and congrats! Beautiful kitties
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