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Man Attacked for Protecting Ducklings

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Man Attacked for Protecting Ducklings

Jul 23, 10:17 am ET

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - A man who tried to protect a group of ducklings from stone-throwing teenagers was nursing his own injuries after the youths turned the attack on him, police said on Tuesday.
The man was visiting a park in a Vancouver suburb when he discovered the youths throwing rocks at the birds in a pond. When he tried to stop them they swarmed him, throwing punches and hitting him with a rock, West Vancouver Police said.

Police said they were looking for five males, all believed to be about 16 years old, who face possible charges for both the attack on the man and on the baby ducks.
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It's disgusting. Funny this came up now, just the other day i was feeding the ducks, when two young children, ages around 9 and 6 were throwing stones at the ducks
they were literally 1 metere away from the ducks throwing the stones pretty hard, with their parents standing right next to them watching!!
I told the kids that they were hurting the ducks, to which they totally ignored me, while the parents decided to throw abuse at me!!!!
Some people
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Idiots! Don't they have anything better to do with their time?
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big thumb;s for the man,I would have yelled right back at those parents!
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I would have thrown the stones back at those teenagers.
Big Kudos to the fella who protected the ducklings - there aren't enough people in the world like him!!!!!!!!!!!
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whats wrong with people today, geeeezz dont they have better things to do than be mean, but i dont know about over there, but here in the U.S. they probally would do nothing to them, they would say well there just kids, i hear that all time, well I.M.O. they are kids with something wrong with them, thats not normal, and as far as the parents, they were probally throwing stones also. to bad the ducklings couldnt of came after them and pecked them all over
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What's wrong with people? There's a big pond with swans in it in a nearby town. Kids were constantly throwing stones at them, and one male became so disturbed that he started to attack people, and a swan can do a lot of damage. Now people are complaining about the aggressive swan, and want him put down or moved. A town resident has offered to put up a fence at his own expense to keep the swan away from people, but the town council isn't going for it. Wouldn't it be great if the swan here could be allowed to punish those kids in Vancouver?
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That would be nice! Tie those people up & let the poor animals they pick on show them how it feels!
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