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changing kittens litter

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we have two 7 week old kittens. we were told not to use scoopable with them at an early age, because they would play in it and eat it. so we got them some stuff called...wait, let me go check...Cat Works. I'm not sure what it is, but I don't think it's clay. The lady at the vet reccomended it. well, they like to chew on this stuff, so I'm wondering when we should go back to scoopable. I know about doing it slowly, bit by bit, but I don't know how old they sould be when I do it. any advice?
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I switched my kittens over at about 12 weeks. I have never heard of that brand you are using. I had one who wanted to even eat the clay litter. With such young kittens, it is usually not hard to switch the litter on them. They are not quite as picky yet. My youngest now is about 9 weeks and she doesnt try to eat the scoopable. You could give it a shot first.
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I've read that the reason you should not use scoopable for young kittens is because it could be dangerous if they eat it. I changed Muffy over to a pine litter when she was pregnant so if the kittens eat it, they won't get sick. I really like it. All I do is scoop out the poop once a day and change the whole box when all the pellets have turned to saw dust. It says it's safe for kittens to eat if they get the urge. Plus, it doesn't track nearly as much as the other litter I've used. I HATE the feeling of cat litter on my bare feet in the kitchen.

Good luck!
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