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What's the best & cheapest way for digital prints?

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I can do lots with a digital picture, but we don't have a decent color printer at our disposal. Well, not good enough anyway.

Since we met one of Earl's favorite bands (Queensryche) and got his picture with each member of the band, he wants hard copies of the photos. Of course, he wants very good quality, too.

We were thinking of going to someplace like Kinkos and using their super nice color laser printers, but it would still be on regular paper and at $1 per page I don't know how good of quality it would be.

I think I remember someone here saying that you can bring digital pictures to a kiosk somewhere (Wal Mart?) and have them made into photos. Like a Kodak place or something? How much to those run? How is the quality?

Thanks for your help!
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At our Wal-Mart the digital machine is right next to the Kodak machine, it is green. The prints here are 24 cents and take about an hour for them to be developed. The quality depends on your camera really. The ones we took didn't come out to bad, but you can tell they came from a digital camera (pixels). Otherwise, they are fine . Hope that helps.
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Thanks Jamie! I'll have to check that out, since we have to go to Wal Mart tonight anyway. What type of media does it take? (Our camera stores pictures on a floppy disk.)
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The kinkos in my area as well as Walgreens, Target, and Wal-mart have the photo printer from disc setup.
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Ours were on a cd, and I am sorry I didn't notice floppy drive, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. I would imagine it would be, but I am sure if you give the photo department a call they can tell you for sure .
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If you have a good digital camera, and you want your prints to look like they came from a film camera, you can get GREAT prints from http://ofoto.com or http://snapfish.com

Both print on Kodak paper. If you have a good digital camera, you wouldn't be able to tell that the prints were digital!! They are fabulous. I have seen some of the kiosk prints in my area, and while they are ok, they still look a little spotty. The online printers have smooth printing — exactly as if you've used a film camera.

I also use ofoto and snapfish to share photo albums with people. . go to a party . . snap a few pics. . .upload them to an album. . .and wallah you can share your pics with the people at the party!

It costs between 25-50 cents per print depending on if you pre-pay or have coupons or not etc.

There are lots of other digital print vendors online, but those two came up the highest on epinions.com rating so that's how I started with them.

Have fun with those!

PS With online vendors you don't even have to leave your house. Just upload files. Prints come in the mail.
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I've used www.ofoto.com to print digital prints and they were fantastic. It's not the cheapest place, but the quality was really good. I'm thinking about ordering prints from www.imagestation.com to compare as they're cheaper than ofoto.
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