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Cat Peeing Problem!

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I have had my cat since she was a kitten, for a year now.
She has never peed anywhere but her box, now she is peeing in the living room carpet!! The only thing I can think of, is my Sister-In-Law has come to stay with us, and she started this right after she got here. HELP!! How do I make her stop???
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There is a lot of information in the sticky threads here in this forum

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The number one cause of inappropriate peeing is illness. It is absolutely vital that you take your cat to the vet immediately to be tested for a urinary tract infection. You must tell your vet about the cat's peeing problems so he/she will know what tests to run.

If the cat is healthy, make sure you check out the thread for which Sicycat gave you the link. It is chock full of wonderful suggestions for stopping inappropriate urination. Remember however, that none of these solutions will work if she is sick!
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One don't be mad at kitty - they don't do it on purose , there is ALWAYS a reason.

If your cat has a litterbox problem you should first consult your vet to rule out any sort of medical reason behind the problem such as a Urinary Track Infection. If your cat is given a clean bill of health and is still having 'accidents' then you can probably be safe in listing it as a behavioral problem.

Now, Cats do not like or handle stress very well. A stressful situation has occurred in your cat's life, your "Sister-In-Law has come to stay". Ideally eliminate the stressor, if possible. If this is not a possibility some cats, require a short re-training or re-conditioning period. This is accomplished by restricting the cat to a comfortable room with her litter box, food and water (never near the litter box), bed and toys. Confinement should not be considered punishment, and the cat should be visited and played with regularly during this re-training period. Any excursions outside the room should be carefully monitored and gradually lengthened until the cat can be left out with confidence. By offering no opportunity to do the wrong thing, the proper behavior becomes routine.

No housesoiling problem can be completely cured without thoroughly cleaning and neutralizing the soiled areas. Thoroughly clean soiled areas with a strong enzymatic cleaner to remove any lingering odor. You can go the wwww. planeturine.com, they have everything you need.

Hope this helps.
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You also want to (after the vet visit) look long and hard at your litterbox corner. If your pan is covered, uncover it, how clean is it? How often do you scrub it? scoop it? change it? is it private enough, is there a quick getaway exit nearby?
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Yes.. I read all of that before I posted.
The reason why I don't think it's a urinary problem, is she started doing it right after my Sister-In-Law got here.
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Stress (like from having a stranger in the house) is a common cause of urinary tract infections. Several of my cats developed URI's in the spring when I opened all of the windows in the house. The scents of the outside cats were very stressful and 3 of my cats got sick. Now that they have been treated with antibiotics and I have kept the windows closed, all is well again.

Why not do a quick check at the vet just to be sure (especially since it will not get better if she is sick)?
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