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Wednesday's Thread

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I noticed there hasn't been a DT for a few days - you guys haven't changed the rules while I've not been looking have you?

Anyway - the heatwave in the UK seems to have passed, but the humidity is still quite high - cloudy and sticky - YUK!!!

Working from home now for the next few weeks until junior arrives. This is much easier as I can take breaks when I need to AND I get to spend quality time with the kitties which is nice. Fifi has been like a little limpet recently, she squeeks and wiggles and runs around the house after me - it's SOOO cute, she's aslepp on the desk next to me now!!!

I'm a little jaded having been surfing for baby goods at how much lovely stuff there is in the US compared to the drab offerings in the UK. For instance, I want a nappy (diaper) bag, and all there is in the UK are dull black or khaki ruck-sack type things which are really (pardon the pun) not my bag at all.

In the US you've got great brands such as Fleurville and stuff by people like Linda Dunbar and - the one I'm going to go for coz they are one of the few that ship to the UK - a lovely turqouise tote bag by Fifi and Romeo - a Beverley Hills company that does designer doggie outfits who have recently branched out into baby stuff. So I'm going to treat myself.

Anyway, enough waffle. I'll be around quite a bit for the next few weeks (unless the sun comes back, in which case I'll be sunning the bump), so you'll all have a day-by-day account of how tired I am, how heavy junior is to carry around and developments in general

Hope you all have a good day!
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You're right Yola, there hasn't been a Daily Thread in quite a while. Thanks for kicking us in the pants and get us going again! LOL

You must be getting pretty excited about Junior making his big arrival! When are you due again? Is the baby room all set to go?

Just another BORING day at work for me! Things have really slowed down here, it's almost getting scary. I've had almost nothing to do going on 3 weeks. Unfortunately, I can't just take afternoons off like my supervisor has been doing because someone has to answer the phones. I certainly don't begrudge Kim for taking the time off when she can - she hasn't taken a vacation in the 3 years she's been here! But I almost feel guilty for getting paid to sit here and work on personal stuff all day. Almost.

I'm SO tired today. We went to a concert last night, Queensryche and Dream Theater, and then had after-show meet and greet passes. It's the second time we've been able to do that with Queensryche. They are one of hubby's favorite bands, so I'll be tired for that. We were finally able to get pictures of him with the band, which was cool. Of course, you think he offered to take pictures of ME with the band???? NOOOO! He's such a brat. Anyway, here's a pic of hubby with his favorite singer, Geoff Tate.

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Yes Yola more details about the baby! This goes for Tasha too! I need a BABY fix in the worst way. Kittens are great but, they grow up too fast!

Are you taking natural birth classes? What is the theme for the babies room? Do you know if it is a boy or girl? Due date please! It is a good idea to look into parenting classes too. I found out tons of stuff there and I already had 6 kids!

I get to meet another prospective new kitten owner today. I am also taking one of the kittens back for a re-check as she has tummy trouble. I hope she is better today.
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Well, today I'm doing last minute preps for my painting class on Saturday. I have to teach 12 kids how to paint rocks to look like fish. Should be interesting!! LoL. This is the hardest project we've tried so far.

Tonight I go to the nursing home to call Bingo. That's usually fun, I just hope that my "assistant" is there tonight. She doesn't seem to think that it's important to let me know when she's not going to be around...

Interview with McDonalds tomorrow or Friday. They have to call me back with the definite time... I'm nervous but it's better now that I've been to a job interview before.

Sunny and warm here, hope it stays this way for a while.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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Whenever I get that 'need to have another baby' feeling I just pack up my kids and take them for an extended drive in the car. All the arguing and fighting makes me come to my senses, and by the end of the trip I'm 'cured'

Not too much going on here today- I have the day off from work, but its not nice enough to go to the beach so I'm just hanging out here with my kids and animals.

Its guinea pig cage cleaning day- ick. Those little buggers are messy! Too bad they can't be litter trained. They are such spoiled little furries- they have their own blankets to lie on, a beanie baby to fling around the cage, and lots of fresh grass from the backyard. the life of Riley! Karma is getting so fat she looks like shes going to explode, and Kismet isn't too far behind. Love those fat little piggie bodies I'm so glad Karma didn't turn out to be pregnant- they had her in a tiny cage with two males Irresponsible people..

I had a scare last night with my little Sir Gibby- he snuck outside and nobody knew it until we heard a crash and the howling of fighting cats. A big tom had him cornered- i had to chase it off with a broom. He was so terrified that he attacked me when I tried to pick him up to brign him inside I finally convinced him inside by shaking his food bowl. He skulked around all evening growling and spitting at me and Onyx. He's fine this morning, no marks of any kind on him, although he is still a bit jumpy. Bet he won't be sneaking out any time soon.

Have a great day everyone :rainbow:
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Beautiful day here. For July, I can't believe it, it is only 64 at 10:30. I am sitting here of course on the computer, reading all the new threads and telling myself I have to get off here and go do something. It is too beautiful not to get outside and work in the garden. But I do miss some of the threads and I hate that. I want to know all that is going on
I just discovered the road trip and wish I had been in on the beginning. Don't know how I missed it as I joined about then. It was toooooo funny. I didn't read all of it as it was way too long.

As I am retired and have nothing to do I could sit on here all day except that my arthritis acts up when I sit in one place toooo long.

I only have myself, my 2 dogs and 2 cats to worry about. Oh and keeping this place going. It is a chore for one person.
Well enough from me.
Have a good day everyone: :goodbad: (pepsi)
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It's so hot here today! Cloudy and humid and hot! I cleaned the litter boxes this morning, takes me forever, taking them all outside and bleaching them out and all, glad thats overwith for now. I have to take my 13 year old to the mall school shopping and shop for t- shirts for band camp next week for her. This should be interesting and tiring! Gotta go to the music store for supplies too for her. Looks like a day of running around in the car today! I'm planning on getting everything done today so I wont have to go back to the mall this week!!
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Just sitting her posting and reading the post! ted went to work and won't be home intill 12.00 AM.
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Hello all. Not online much today and tomorrow also. Today I am training a new staff menber to my unit and tomore I interview co-op students. I am on holidays next week and I really need the rest.

Yola - I am glad you are doing well! I hope junior is behaving.

Well back I go to my trainee! Have a grea day everyone.
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Hot and sticky, today. We got a little rain 1/2 hour ago and it looks as though more is on the way.

I'm just sitting here, waiting for the spaghetti water to boil.

My new car is running fine and I finally got my new cellphone! No more dropped calls.
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I have been at college all day and I got home one hour ago and jumped on here in a 1 hour I'm leaving for a place a few hours away for a cat show and I'll next be back on Tuesday. Please send vibes my two cats, 'Holly' & 'Sophie' do well.

Have a good Weekend and rest of the week everyone! See you in a few days!

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What is a daily thread?
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A daily thread is like a Thread we have daily for instance today is the Wednesday thread for stuff there you have done or plan to do. If ya read the thread you may get an idea

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i wasn't paying attention.
Today is wednesday and i plan to get to 2000 posts by 5pm...
Just kidding....

Well i went to the gym to train my mum, this morning at 9am.... she did her weights, i did 24 minutes of cardio... now i'm posting... answering some email... and thinking about making cupcakes... i've got a brush bobbie apointment at about three this afternoon... following that i have a huggy session with zooey and mythie (i try to spend my afternoons entertaining & loving my cats) later on i'm going to the gym with Rajesh to do another 48 minutes of running... and then i'll be too pooped to do anything else except watch the cartoon 'Lord of the rings' on loan from my brother... and then ...
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Glad you understand!!!!
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