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That is AWESOME!!! I love it! Hope the cats do too, eventually!

Maybe they're just unsure of it and will check it out for awhile.
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I am so jealous.. I would never be able to even build a scratching post
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My husband and I made a very tall cat tree about 10 years ago. They love it's current placement, but we had to move it around from place to place until we figured out the place they liked it best. We ended putting it in a large doorway (double door size) between 2 rooms. They sit up high and have a good vantage point to watch what goes on in both rooms plus the long hallway and dining room.

After 10 years, it's been loved to the point of needing recarpeting. The only problem that we've had with is that with some of the carpet being pulled off over time, the sharp staples come with it. I have to pull them out when the carpet pulls away. Something to keep an eye for on yours.

Yours rocks....ours is much simpler than that!
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It looks great, but does it wobble? If it wobbles and you brace it they will get on it readily enough. You did a great job!
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It does wobble a bit. That's what the extra 2x4's are for. I have to wrap them in carpet before they're permanently attached.

Duffy is enjoying it. He likes to climb that tall post and work his way to the perch. I attached a bell on a string and hung it from the bottom perch. I fell asleep to that ringing bell last night and almost regretted putting it there. If only Duffy enjoys it, it was well worth the effort.

It's not bad for the first try. I only have $47.00 into it. As the cash comes along, I'll do things to make it more interesting, like adding tubes. We learned a number of things along the way. I should have built up more and out less. I have 10' ceilings, so height space is abundant. Floor space is a different story. I think the area I plan to put it will be sufficient. It's going on the wall in the great room. With the layout of the house, they can see the living room, dining room, kitchen, foyer, and down the hallway to the master bedroom.

Thanks for the staple tip. We used 1/2" staples and I needed a screwdriver tip to pry them out. I thought that length staple would be difficult for them to pull loose, but perhaps not.
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Hi Jmvito,

That was going to be my comment -- we find that cats prefer tall units as they love to sit above everything and overlook their surroundings.
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Your cat tree really inspires me... I would like to build a cat tree for my outdoor cat enclosure...what kind of materials do you think I should use? Something that would endure Florida weather -- rain, humidity, wind, etc....?

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Hi Kim. A quick rundown on materials we used.

The base is 3/4" plywood.

The uprights are 2x4 pine

The perches are 1x12 pine

The cube house is 1/2" plywood.

The uprights, base, and cube are covered by contractor grade carpeting.

The perches are carpeted in berber.

The sisal is 3/8".
The cube roof is supported by 1"x2" pine

We used a number of angle brackets, wood screws, 1/2" staples, brads, and a small amount of tacky glue.

I made sure to avoide any wood that was treated in any way. They say that arsenic is no longer used in treating lumber, but I just didn't feel comfortable using it.

The sisal wrap is about 18" on each upright, and used about 45' (Yes, that's in feet). The sisal rope doesn't go very far, but it's cheap. I found 50 foot rolls at Home Depot for $3.47 each.

We bought the berber at a local carpet store. It was a left over from a job they had and I paid $1.87 a sq ft for it. There were less expensive carpet left overs avaiable, but I wanted the berber because of its durability, and also wanted it to complement the house decor!
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Kim, I just noticed you said "outdoor" tree. I suppose you would want material used for outdoor construction. Be wary of using "treated" lumber. That stuff scares me. They used to use arsenic to treat lumber. Though I'm told arsenic is no longer used and that treated lumber is safe, I choose to avoid it. You can tell treated lumber when you see it as it has a green hue to its color.
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Amy, yes, up is better than out. I'm sure we'll be making another jungle soon. I'll make the next one taller and more narrow and incorporate better strength. I'm sure if I put this big one in the drive way, I'll sell it in no time. Though, I could put it in the basement for their enjoyment!
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Thanks jmvito - I think I will investigate the possibility... Right now, I have my older "carpeted" cat trees out there BUT now, the carpet is falling off and the trees are disintegrating. I put these cat trees in the out door cage because I wanted to let the boys use them before I take them to the landfill.... Now it's time to get them out of there!

Thanks for the list!!

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Originally posted by kimward34
Thanks jmvito - I think I will investigate the possibility... Right now, I have my older "carpeted" cat trees out there BUT now, the carpet is falling off and the trees are disintegrating. I put these cat trees in the out door cage because I wanted to let the boys use them before I take them to the landfill.... Now it's time to get them out of there!

Thanks for the list!!

Kim.... Be careful if you get berber to replace the carpeting out there.... Remember how Sammy's nails kept getting caught up in the loops of my berber?
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Originally posted by nicolette
... Remember how Sammy's nails kept getting caught up in the loops of my berber?

Oh yes! More like poor Sammy was "Stuck In Place" -- LOL!
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Outdoor ? I run a small business that designs and builds high-end cat furniture. I currently don't offer any outdoor models, but I am researching the same thing.

Here are some thoughts that might help.

Use cedar wood. Its light weight and naturally resists the outdoor elements. Cedar is also a natural flea repellent. Avoid the pressure treated wood. Its treated with arsenic and can be bad for your cats.

Thick sisal rope also works well outdoors.

Just some ideas...
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The staples are only a problem on the parts where they have pulled the carpet away from the wood. Sometimes we find the staple in the carpet and sometimes in the wood. There are portions of our tree that we used both hot glue and staples - those areas have a lot more difficult time pulling away from the wood. If you build more, perhaps add hot glue under the carpet.

Ours is over 6 feet tall. A center 4X4 support post with 3 large steps leading up to the top platform, which is basically a big square open topped box. We cut out a hole in the corner of the top box so they can peer down thru the hole at the approaching "enemy". We used scrap lumber that we had in the garage and carpet the old carpet that we had just pulled out of the bedroom. Ours cost us the price of the glue and staples. A comparable one at the time (if you could even find it) would have cost over $200.
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Hi Mom! The big one we made suits the kittens more so than the seniors. SO we will build a smaller one for Bleu and Dottie and put it in my bedroom. I'm thinking something with 2 sleepers cubes. I'll stack them and use ramps so they can get to the sleepers. I probably won't use much sisal on this one because Bleu can't stand that stuff. It seems to scare him for some reason.
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Oh i'd love to make Fluffy a nice scratching post.I'll look into it some more. Yours looks great Jmvito!!
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My 12 year old senior loves the tall one. He usually sits on the third shelf up. My 2 year old Scarlett rules the post and gets the top shelf, which she uses to view her fiefdome, and wards off all incoming assults from the large males in the house. It's hysterical watching my little 5 pound Scarlett running off 18 pound Pinky and 14 pound Stumpy.

My base is close to 3 feet square with 2X4 angled supports to keep it steady. We used wood screws throughout. They have caused it to wobble, but it's so darn heavy that they will never cause it to tip over. I have trouble moving the thing.
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Here is Scarlett while still a kitten with her brother Twinkle Toes. Twinkle Toes lives with a friend of mine. These are the feral kittens that we saved at 3 weeks old. They are identical to 2 in the last feral litter we saved in May at 10 days old. Of that litter, we adopted Jake and Elwood and kept Muddy Waters and Koko Taylor (the blues kittens....we're so sad we lost our mom we have the blues). We were shocked when we found this picture this morning. Twinkle Toes could be Muddy and Scarlett could be Jake.
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