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Has This Site?

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Considered having a Roll Call or Cat-Call lately???

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What do you mean by that?
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Roll Call- Everyone says Yes that there here and we can see how many "active" members there are and/or members cats

Eg for the Roll Call, I would say Yes- I Samantha is here and for the Cat-Call I would say , Muffin,Holly,Yogi etc etc are here

Hope that helps!
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Wow I would get writers cramp from answering a cat call! LOL If you look at the bottom fof the page when you log onto the forums it tells you who is online!
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Teresa- Not like a one day type thing, it's just too see who's around at the time and stuff not who's online. Like to see how many active members out of all the members here.....

Ok.. It doesn't matter...
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maybe you can try and find out how many cats are owned by the members of the cat site...
That'd be a neat statistic!
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Mary Anne is here with 8 very hot cats- it's 90 degrees right now!
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Awwwwwww MA

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Me and the boys are here
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Maybe the thread title should be changed to Roll Call.
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Then again, maybe it will be just like the spam thread
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I would like it to be - if that's Ok

BTW I'm here and posting , Trying to not let Sicy catch up to me...
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Why a Spam Thread?
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Zooey zoo nuts, bobbie love, mythilee bani and their live in maid(me) here!
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Sicycat the lean mean posting machine...
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Kim Ward is PRESENT with my 4 sleeping boys draped over my living room furniture... LOL!
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I'm here (at work) and Ivo's at home sleeping on the kitty condo (lucky son-of-a-gun!).
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I'm here. My two are racing around like they got into the catnip.
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I'm here! And so's the gang of four and MaeMae.
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I'm here with Otis the psycho and Willow Who still thinks she's a kitten
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I'm here with Snoopy, Shane, Stanley and Strutter.
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meeeeeeowww! JB and son sleeping

hey Hope, did you see this smiley?
thought it was fitting for you
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LOL @ Jellybelly- Yep, that Smiley does kind of remind me of Gene Simmons of Kiss.
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hi there, carolyn is here,( cat call)---- blackie is here----stripey is here also
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I'm here with Snowball!
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I'm here, Molly was just laying on tthe desk beside me, but she left to investigate something. Faile is crashed out on top of the radiator.
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Hi Sam - Barb is here ! And sitting in a tight circle around me waiting for snack time are:


And, as soon as I learn how, I will post everybody's PICTURE!!
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I'm here with my Horde:


Most of them are still sleeping, of course. Only silly me gets up at 7 AM to "work".
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