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the ringworm thing

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I took Minnie and Winnie in on saturday for their last set of shots. Minnie was born in February and already weighs 5 lbs; Winnie weighs 3.10 lbs and she was born in March. ANyways, the vet tech suspected ringworm on Winnie's chin. So, I paid to have a culture done on her chin. The vet suspected it as well. So, she sent me home with some miconosol (aka Confite) to put on her chin. I for some reason thought it was feline acne because of the black specs that would show after I put peroxide on her chin. Tigger our female older bengal (3 yrs) has also had a problem with black specs on her chin, but never any hairloss. I think I may have found the culprit -- I am thinking it was Tigger all along, but am not sure. So, I have been putting this lotion stuff on her chin, and it seems to be improving a bit.
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sounds like you have it under control now thats good, i have never seen ringworm on a animal before, i have heard of it, only seen it once on a human, glad things are getting better.
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Good job getting it all under wraps!
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Eeek, Ringworm! I'm glad it's getting better.

We had problems with it for a long time - then my vet suggested using Program - apparently it's been found to be helpful in curing and preventing ringworm. It worked for us, thank goodness! Hopefully your cats will clear up & stay that way, but if you have any more trouble, ask your vet about Program.
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