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Cat peeing... in the shower?

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Alright, my cat enjoys the water and jumps in the shower every once in awhile... but, this time... he started peeing. I do not mind him being in the shower, but come on... do not pee in the shower; particularly, while I'm in it!

Thoughts? He is a bengal, 5 months and neutered.
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Please get him to a vet asap... ie Tomarrow is a very good idea... Likely he has a UTI
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Honestly, there's a lot worse places to pee in the shower!

But to be serious, yes, if this is abnormal behavior for him, I would think he should be checked out by a vet. Those UTIs can turn bad FAST.

Although you must consider first: have you changed brands/styles of litter? My cat Mandarin will not pee in gravel. If I get gravel litter instead of the clumpable, he will pee in the bathroom sink. Again, much worse places in the world to pee, but still, I want him to use his cat box. It is not a beday! (sp.?)
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It could also be the warm water of the shower giving your cat the same biological instincts as a human. Warm water naturally relaxes the bladder and makes humans have to pee, so it could be the same for cats.
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I doubt he has a UTI, he has zero problem with peeing in the liter box with exception to this. Demonstrates zero signs of a UTI.

I am inclined to agree with rad, he probably had to go, and the shower induced it.
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OK, this MAY be a breed specific characteristic, IMO: It is a fact that Asian leopard cats pee in running water. This can be a breed characteristic that carries through in some Bengals. You can check this fact through research.

Please DO get him checked for a URI, but it may just be that he can't help himself, and that the running water tells him it's a safe place to pee.

If that is the case, then you may just have to keep him out of the shower.
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