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police officer killed

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i have been upset today, i found out this moring that a 21 yr. old female police officer was killed yesterday morning right up from where i work, she was responding to a call at a club, where there was a fight, and also one of her co workers was also responding and they were travling pretty fast, and didnt see one another and crashed, killing her. that is so sad to think some idiot in bar that didnt know how to act started this whole thing in to action and a young wowan lost her life. i have a few friend in the law enforement, and i know the risk they take for our safty, i had a very good guy frien get shot and killed back in 1980, here in my home town, he was such a great guy, most police officers want to help us some make it bad for all the good. they are having a candle light service in her memory tonight at 12:00, i dont know why so late, but im going to go, i took tomorrow off, so will you good people here please say a prayer for her family or just maybe a nice thought there way, thanks
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You got it. It's so sad when things like this happen.
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So Sad! My thoughts and prayers are with her family during is tragic time!
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It's always sad when someone so young is killed!
Thoughts and prayers are on the way for her family.
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This is a pretty heavy subject, and may draw some interesting posts. I'm going to move it to IMO for discussion.
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Its always terrible, when an officer is lost. Last month, a Tucson officer was shot and killed by a fleeing suspect. The piece of dreck should not have been on the streets.

Today, the County Prosecutor filed papers to make the scum's trial a capital case.
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As it should be - a capital case, I mean. Last year we had 6 officers killed in as many weeks - in a place that supposedly has very little crime. Unfortunately, Germany doesn't have the death penalty (which I favor for serial and cop killers).
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