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Went on a road trip!

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Mike and I took a day off our responsibilities and got in our new SUV and went to the coast. We had a wonderful romantic day together and decided to do this at least once a month. Want to see my new vehicle? Like you have a choice?

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Way to go !Sometimes that is just what you have to do! great looking car!
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Wow that's nice!!
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What? You went on a road trip without US?!
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That's wonderful! Road trips are one of my most favorite things.
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That's great MA! It's a wonderful feeling to get away even for just a few hours.

Great ride btw...You're such a lucky Duck! Great pic of you and Kenai!
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Lord we saw the craziest thing coming home. This tiny Renault zoomed past us, there were about 6 kids in the car. As it rushed by I did a double take- someone had their head outside the car window face pointing UP? I told Mike to get closer, and these insane kids had taken a teenage boy and laid him across the laps of the person in the passenger seat and the drivers seat- leaving his head out the window! They saw us gesturing to pull over- Mike used to be an EMT and he was going to talk to them and they zoomed off. About 20 minutes later we heard the sirens and an ambulance and rescue squad roared by us. They turned off down a side road, we can only surmise what might have happened to those irresponsible teens!
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What stupid kids! Don't they realize they are not invinsible (sp?)! Hope no one got hurt or killed!
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Sounds like a great idea. Good for you!
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nice suv, and good for you to get away, thats nice, your dog is beautiful btw, but im sure you already knew that
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Awww Great Pic of you and Kenai! Just love the car!!!, Silly teenagers!!

I'm glad you had a great trip - do it more often, ok?

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Sounds like you three had a great day! What a great decision to make a habit of it!!! I love the picture - you all look like you're having a road trip
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Woooooooooo Weeeeeeeee beautiful car MA. Trips like that are much needed for everyone. Glad you got yours. It's well deserved and I think once a month is a great treat for you two.

Craig's birthday is in the beginning of August. I have such a great plan cooked up for him but I can't tell you because he can read over my shoulder right now. LOL! I'll tell you eventually though. It's gonna be sooo fun!

It is very sad to hear about those teenagers. I lost 5 friends in ONE wreck, and one friend survived. It was because they were packed in a really small vehichle like that and the driver was under the influence to boot. It really saddens my heart.
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You deserve fun trips like that as you do so much! I am glad you enjoyed it (except for the stupid people).
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