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I was keeping my female in my room,but let her out for a little while everyday,to make this quick I just found out she is PG,& 3 hours later she gave birth to 1 kitten,now its been 2-1/2 since the kitten was born but she won't eat, what do I do or feed her,I'm lost please help ASAP!!! Thnks!!!
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I would call your vet for advice, ASAP.
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I did ok with the sac, she's breathing meowing looking for nip,but when i keep putting het up to it she don't open & take it. I don't know where a vet is mine is closed
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Do you have a ER Vet any where near you? If so, call them! They should be able to give you specific instructions on what to do!
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Here's some info I found here on the Board:
The momcat wants a spot that she feels comfortable in. Preferably a place that is quiet and dark. A cardboard box with newspapers and a sheet over them in a closet maybe? It should be big enough for her to turn around in and receive up to 6 kittens. It should have an opening large enough for her to climb in and out of. But high enough that kittens can't crawl out.

Mom will start getting restless a few days before she is to give birth. She will keep going to her birthing spot, scratching in it, laying in it and may even decide she no longer wants that spot. She may go to her litter box and scratch in it for minutes at a time without using it. If she is bonded with you, she may want you near her. or will not want you around at all. You should respect her wishes and if she becomes anxious while you are near her back off and observe from a distance. If she is old enough she will follow her . instincts and bite the umbilical cord,lick the kitty clean,eat the after- birth,and then will nurse them.

Keep some fresh water and food nearby she will get thirsty and she needs proper nourishment. Get the adult male out of the room completely. He is a danger to the female and the kitten. Just keep her enclosed in a small room if you can and watch her. Good luck! There is usually someone online if you run into problems. If there are any complications, call your vet immediately. I don't know how old this mother is, but if she is really young, she could have problems.


If your cat pushes long and fruitlessly for to long (2 Hours) before the appearance of the next kitten. If she starts bleeding more than normal. If the mother cat lies in the box and starts breathing apathetically and ignores the kittens. If you observe any of these signs CALL YOUR VET.
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Thanks for all your help! only 1 kitten,& seems to be feeding pretty well, but i did get some kitten formula. I was told mother would lose milk if only 1 kitten cause theres not enough to stimulate milk to come in.
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I wouldn't worry about not enough milk, as long as the baby is gaining weight and has a nice fat tummy! Congrats on the new baby! Send pictures when you can.
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