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My little boy is sick..

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He came down with the flu this morning, and it always hits him the same way. He's 6 years old, and has had breathing problems since birth- colds and flus always hit him straight in the chest area. His breathing is laboured right now- although its getting better due to me giving him his puffers. I also put Vicks on his chest to help keep the passages open.

I'll be on high alert tonight, no sleep for me. Hes been to the hospital several times over this very thing. Hes had to get adrenaline shots to keep him breathing. This is so scary- its a horrible deja vu feeling.

Please keep my little guy, Reid, in your thoughts/prayers tonight.

Heres hoping this night is an uneventful one
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Oh No! Hope you won't be making another trip to the Hospital! Sending him many good vibes and lots of good thoughts. Btw, hope you don't mind me asking, but what is his name?

Hope you get a few winks tonight too!
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His name is Reid- hes my little man I'm so worried about him
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Oh, I hope your little guy starts getting better soon. That must be so scary. (I love his name, btw. )
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I do hope that Reid gets through this nasty flu quick and easy! BTW, I just love that name! It's always been a fave of mine!
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im so sorry to hear that your baby is sick, i really hope he gets to feeling all better soon, sending him some get well hugs.
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Prayers going up for your little boy...please keep us posted. I hope he is feeling better soon. *hugs*
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Lots of prayers coming your little guy's way.
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hope the little guy is fine....sending lotsa good vibes...
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Thoughts and prayers are on the way. I hope Reid feels better soon!
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I feel for you. My son who is 7 has had asthma since a baby. The minute he gets a cold it goes straight to his lungs. We've finally found an inhaler that seems to work for him ( Flovent ), he's had 2 colds this spring/summer and hasn't gotten the chest thing.

I hope he's feeling better very soon!
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Awwwww! Poor baby Reid , He's in my thoughts! I'm so sorry Melissa.

Give him my love.

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Thanks you guys :rainbow:

He seems better today- for some reason it always seems worse at night. My hubby and I kept a close watch on him last night, so I'm a bit sleepy today. He's still getting his inhalers to be safe, but I think the worst is over.

Btw- thanks for the compliments on his name- he was named after a friend of ours. His name was almost going to be Grant, but we settled on Reid Taylor. I like unusual names- his sisters name is Tierney Danae (pronounce Teer-nee Dah-nay)

Thanks for your healing vibes and prayers, everyone. TCS Board Magic comes through again..
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I'm so glad he's doing much better. I'll keep him in my thoughts and will continue to send good vibes to you both.
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I'm so glad that Reid is over the worst! Getting those inhalers is a good never know when you might need them! Plus, they're good for quite a while after you buy them.

As for helping him sleep, have to tried propping him up with pillows while he's dozing? When ever I get the flu, I have to prop myself up or I feel like I'm drowning in snot! It might help a little!
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"drowning in snot", sorry that made me chuckle a little since I used to go through that every winter. Hope your son Reid is doing much better.
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I hope he continues to get better, and fast. His name is really cool, I never heard it for a first name.
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I am just now reading this...I am so glad to hear he is doing much better and continues to as well!
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Awwwww Melissa - I am SO glad to hear Reid is doing better. You must be a little relieved! Gosh, I know how it feels when our children get sick... When my son (12) gets sick (he's my only one) I turn to mush! I makes me feel so awful! I'm sure I'll be this way until I'm old and gray! LOL!

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I know personally how terrifying it is to have your little friends sick, my prayers go out to you. I hope everything works out for him.
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Just read this. I'm so glad Reid is doing better. Here's hopping he'll be up and adam real soon. It's always so hard when a little one is sick, especially since he has been to the hospital for this same thing. My thoughts and prayers are with Reid's speedy recovery.
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I know what you are going through. My 6-year-old has always had respiratory problems. I will send good vibes your way.
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I'm just reading this- I'm so glad to know that Reid is better
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