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Do your outside cats care about toys?

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For those with outside cats, do they care about toys? Snowball showed incredible interest the first time I brought a wand-feather toy home; she was chasing it and jumping up to catch it. This lasted for like a month, and then she got tired of it. I got her some other toys, like a toy mouse and the cat dancer, but her level of play kinda died down. After a long time I brought out the feather toy, thinking it would be new and fresh, but after a couple of swipes she was done with it. She's otherwise healthy (already took her to the vet), and in fact has plenty of energy. She chases birds and has caught a couple of rats, and she's always running after bugs. For other exercise I take her for a walk, which she loves. I'm guessing that because she's an outside cat, she doesn't have a need for boring old cat toys, but then again she did respond very strongly to them at first. I don't think it's a big deal, and in fact I'm happy that she has so much to do in the yard, but I was just curious what your experiences have been.
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My cat did the same thing. She is an inside/outside cat. She played with toys when she was little, but after about 2-3 months with them, she didn't really pay attention. She grew out of them. Some cats will go crazy over catnip toys. My cat just looks at them and walks away. She doesn't seem to know what to do with them, but every once in a while, she will play with something like a laser pointer. She asolutely loves them. The little red dot on the ground - she will go crazy all over the room.
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I rotate the toys my kitty plays with. I have a stash of about 8-10 different things that she really likes. After a couple of days up it goes and I bring out a new one. Really is not that expensive and she really seems to like it this way. Of course, there are always the usual things that she loves-just plain old string. Always keep some of that out. Hope this helps.
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Oh, yeah, just plain old string. That's my Fawn. String, shoe laces, anything long and thin. So what does she bring home? Yes, she's an indoor/outdoor, and yes, she is the hunter in the family. Give her wet weather and we get no end of big fat juicy worms to pick up and hustle back outside -- several a DAY. But indoors, it's the long blue braided cord. That's her favourite.

Another thing she and her sisters like from time to time is a small plastic bag, twisted and rolled up and tied so that a couple of ends stick up -- tied securely, of course.

On the whole, they don't really care too much for bought toys, though that doesn't stop their dumb humans from being suckered by something new. It's the simplest things that are most attractive to them -- like those little furry mice you see 2 for a buck at the cash in the pet food place -- but when the weather is good and they are getting lots of outdoor exercise, the interest does drop off.
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My outdoors cat, her name is Lizzie B (after Lizzie Borden - we didn't name her she came to us with that name), has absolutely no interest in toys. She's so above that now. She's much more interested in catching rats and cicadas. Those she will play with for hours.
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Same thing here. My Tiki loves outdoors but has no interest in toys. She is a bit overweight, but that does not prevent her to run for the tree and slam herself on it, or running after large bugs... But toys - forget it. Trying to get Tiki to play indoors always turn out to be more exercise for me than her But she does like strings.
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