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just a thought for those who don't have a big lots nearby... some of them go by the name of Odd Lots.
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Okay, I went to Big Lots finally to see what all the hoopla is about and I didn't like it, not one bit. It reminds me of Walmart which I usually don't like Walmart because it's so dang messy in there and the lines are always full. I wanted to get a car seat which we need for our son since he is outgrowing the infant car seat and they didn't have it, they hardly had anything that I needed, but for junk that I could use around the house, it's there. Bummer.... and it's really small, not really "Big" per se.
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I went to BigLots too, just to see. We actually did find a bunch of stuff we needed, mainly kitchen stuff. The clerk even told us a "secret" that their trucks come on Monday and that's when all the good stuff is there.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience, JellyBelly. It is like a mini-Wal Mart, but with better prices. The one here was definitely clean and orderly, though, so it may have just been a bad store you went to.
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I was at ours today. Pearl has a new toy ($1.99) and I have a new shade of nail polish (.99). In addition, I got 21-packs of nail tips for .99. Cool!

The 99-Cent store had long-sleeved T-shirts, in purple and I bought TWO of those. They'll be nice work shirts, this winter. Been thinking about going back buying a few more, to decorate with lace and rhinestones. Mom would like one of those.
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I love it too. I especially like some of their unique food items, that you don't find elsewhere.

You never know just what you might find in a Big Lots.

Did you know that the more successful Big Lot stores get a larger variety of merchandise to display, as a result? Talk about nothing succeeding like success!

I also like Goodwill, Family Dollar Store, and Thrift Dollar Store. There used to be a buy out store here called Hudson's, but they have gone out of business twice. They had great stuff.

Has anyone else been to a Hudsons? I heard they have them more in the Southern states.
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I just went to their website and I see they are now in PA!!!! I will have to check them out!

Val: There is one in Glassboro!
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Consignment stores and vintage clothing stores are my downfall. I don't buy as much Victorian and Edwardian stuff, these days but, if I find a great '50s or '60s outfit, large enough for me - I grab it!

I have jewelry, hats and clothes that date back to the 1880s.
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