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I Love Big Lots!!!!

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I have been looking for the perfect dark curtains for my dining room, because the afternoon sun makes it so hot in there. I thought I would have to find the curtains, and settle for plain colored chair pads and tablecloth. I went to Big Lots today, and not only found my perfect curtains in the exact colors I wanted, but also the entire matching set, chair pads, table cloth, placemats, and napkin rings. They should be getting the matching rugs soon. It is a beautiful floral pattern on a medium dark blue background. The colors are perfect because they will match all the stuff that goes on my walls, plates and several cross stitch pictures. They match the mats and frames on the cross stitch exactly. I can't wait to get home from work tonight and start hanging curtains! Oh, yeah, all this stuff, a good name brand, (I forget right now what it is) all for $55.50!
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We don't have Big Lots here, but I'm glad you found exactly what you wanted!
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That's great! Big Lots always has good deals on everything. Congrats on your find
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No Big Lots here, either, but wow, sounds like a great bargain! I love bargain shopping. I only half-jokingly refer to shopping as my favorite sport.
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don't forget to post picture;s!!
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Yeah, I love Big Lots too! Especially at Christmas time for the grand babies!
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I love shopping! That sounds like a great deal!
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I was at Big Lots on Sunday. They only had two white bras, in my size (that's what I went for) but I DID get pretty purple cushions for my dining room chairs. They're thicker and softer than my old onles and they got the Opie seal of approval. He sleeps on them, for hours.
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Yay Krazy Kat!

Its helpful when you get the cats approval Cindy!
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congrads. on your find, dont it make you feel good when you find what you want and then a added bonues? i like big lots also, you can find some really good buys there
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We have Big Lots too, I got 4 large covered litter boxes, the really nice ones for 5.99 each and they had paper litter for 1.99 a bag! I love to go there, but I always buy too much stuff I dont really need.
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Ok, call me silly but I've never heard of this store before! Us Nebraskan's are always the last to get anything new and exciting! It sounds great though...and cheap! Ya gotta love CHEAP!
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They're cheap, all right. Their celebrity spokesperson is JERRY van Dyke!
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Hummmm...I just seen a commerical with him and some gal about being a Born Shopper. She ended up buying a stroller for her baby. Is that the ad for Big Lots?
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Yes Shell it is
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I love Big Lots toooooooo!!!
I have to limit my going in there tho like malynn I always buy more stuff than I need. But it is sooooo much fun to find things that are a bargain.

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pardon my stupid question, but can you buy stuff from them online?
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No I just looked for you.
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I found some near you
Daverport IA
Iowa city IA
Ceder Rapids IA
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I love Big Lots and the 99cent stores! I get lots of cat stuff from the 99cent stores, toys and dishes.
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Sweet! Thanks Sherral! I'll have to check it out!
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i love big lots, too. we get our dishes there because we love the plain heavy stoneware plates, bowls, etc in burgundy, sage, and blue (the blue we had to get elsewhere). they are 99 cents each. 16 dollars later and we had a nice italian cafe look. viola!

barb- the big lots in davenport is on brady street just 2 blocks south of kimberly if you haven't found it yet.
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I am a fan of Big Lots too. I actually bought my living room furniture from them. And the lady who helped me pick it out was so nice. I love that store. I think I need to make another visit soon .
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We have a Big Lots here, maybe I should check it out. I just moved into a new apartment and I could still use a few new things. Maybe I'll have to go shopping this weekend
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there's one here newly built, i'll visit it over the weekend with all the hoopla here in this thread!
welcome to the site uabasson!! love your kitties!
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You guys are right! I found the Big lots in Davenport today and it is unreal! I ended up not buying lots of things, but I did find lots of things I want to get in the future! I bought a new shower head for my shower that was in DESPERATE need of replacing for $12.99, some rubber gloves to paint with for .59 cents and some deoterant for s/o(phew! LOL) for $1.50! I love that store!
Thanks again Sherral!
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your welcome! watch your wallet!!
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wallet? heck NO! I need to watch my ATM card! LOL!
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I buy my queen-size sheet sets, there - $25.00 and I got a folding card table w/2chairs - $35.00. Doggie tennis balls are 3/99 cents. Pearl eats her tennis balls so I don't want to buy good ones.

My bed pillows were $4.99 there, too.
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