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just bought in at half.com for $5!!!

with shipping & handling it came to $8.09

gotta half.com because I'm so cheap!
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No, cheap is when you make your own like we did.
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oops! I meant the book by Stephen King. so many people here have read it (hissy, 3LK) that I forgot to point that out

I do like the dreamcatchers that have their origin in native american culture & have almost bought them several times. I may have to have you tell me how you made them.
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I bought that for Ken a long time ago. I think I paid 19.98 so they arent kidding when they say half.
Dreamcatchers are pretty easy to make but really hurt your fingers. I think it's been a year since we have made any.
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Now there would be a real good name for somebody's new cat/kitten.

Real Native dreamcatchers must be purified by sweetgrass ceremonies btw.
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Oh Colby!!!!! Can you mail it to me when you are done with it????
I so badly want to read that book!!!
Donna and Sandie....my stepson used to have such horrible nightmare that he could not even sllep at night....so his mom bought him a "dreamcatcher" and he slept oh so much better!!!!
Funny the power of suggestion!!!!
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I absolutey will send it to you when I'm done. my house is overrun with paperbacks & hardbacks as it is, so I'm happy I won't have to find space for it when I finish it!
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Oh Colby, I was just teasing when I asked if you could send it to me when you were done...I am sure you would want to keep it...but if you are serious...I would pay the shipping costs, and after I read it, I could send it back to you!!
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it's no problem! I'll send it from work, so don't worry about shipping costs. it's all good!
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Thanks Colby! I you!!!!
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no worries! gotta spread the love
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