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Sam's rediscovered kittenhood.

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I posted a couple of days ago that I bought a laser chase light for my spoiled cats. Well, they love it. The ask me to bring it out and play (I know this because I speak cat). I thought that I was fooling them, they saw a little red dot, and thinking it was a bug or something good to eat, they chased it around. And then they would eventually figure out what it was, and give up.

I should have given them more credit. It took Sam about three play sessions before he came over, and gently stood up with his paws on my hand to have a look at the light. Now, when I bring it out, he looks at my hand, then at the spot on the floor where the light will shine. Bailey also knows when the light comes out, and she goes into stalking mode when she hears the click of the on switch. I tested her, I clicked it in my pocket, she crouched down, then looked all over for the red dot.

But the most amazing effect is on Sam. He is a big old lazy boy, and has only liked playing with stuff that doesn't make him move too fast, or at all. With the light, he races around the room like a kitten! I just have to laugh, he looks so undignified, and he is having such a good time scrambling around the room. And I think he has just found out how much fun it is to play! He wrestles with Bailey all the time, races around even when the light is not out, runs up and down stairs, and meows at me and Bailey to come play with him. What a change! I am so pleased, because this one little toy has turned him into an active cat again!
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That is too funny I think I need one of those laser lights for my Sammycat he too doesn't like to move around a whole lot ....Gasp! he may lose some weight
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My big fat boy loves the laser, too!

It's funny, though - 2 of my 4 indoor cats go NUTS over the laser, but the other 2 don't even seem to notice it at all. Why is that, I wonder?
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How cool!!!

Coal acts the same way, and he is a grumpy old man 99% of the time. It takes the laser pointer or some catnip to bring out his "Inner Kitten".
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my guys love it too!! They all chase it like crazy!
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My little Spike loves the laser pointer as well. He knows the sound of it if I pick it up. And he starts searching the ground if I ask him where the "red dot" is.
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It has had wonderful results on my cat. Patches used to not really play at all, or just a little when she did. If I bring out the laser pointer, then she bounces around the room! Literally! She will be running so fast that she can't stop when she tries to turn, and runs into the walls. I don't do it on purpose, but it is hilarious to watch a six year old lazy cat running all over the room like a kitten. There is just something about a laser pointer that brings out the kitten in a cat.
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Thank you for reminding me I had one of those. I just tried it out on my new adopted cat, Sammy, and let me tell ya........ for an old lady of 12 she was pretty darn quick chasing that thing all over the living room!

I had to stop as I was laughing too hard and I think she knew I was laughing at her!

Between that and the ping pong balls that she loves and chases all over the place she will for sure get some good exercise!
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