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Cat throwing up since yesterday afternoon

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Hi, noob here. I came home from work yesterday around 6PM just in time to see that my cat, Simon, had thrown up by the door. My fiance said he made several whooping/thud noises and threw up what looked to be mostly water.

He would then throw up about every 3-4 hours and it always looks like mostly water. I keep checking to see if there is hair or foreign objects but nothing so far.

He has thrown up a total of 7 times so far since yesterday. He moves very little and prefers to sit in his carrier or in another secluded area. He only has minor spurts of energy after throwing up and only then does he wander around a bit.

The only thing I have found that may be causing it is a piece of nylon string from my laundry bag that he chewed through. He has a weird habit of eating string when he gets the chance. He's been known to eat the straps off of clothing but he always passes it in a couple days.

Is there any kind of pet grass I can get for him or could it be hairballs??

I already have a vet appointment that was coming up next month and money is tight right now. I can't afford a $300 vet visit till at least the 15th of next month!!

Please help!
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He needs to get to the vet NOW, this is something that cannot wait. Most vets will take payments over a period of time, most take credit cards as well. This could very well be a matter of life or death for your cat.
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YOU really need to get your baby to the Vet NOW!!!!!

If he keeps throwing up he'll dehydrate very quickly. Call the Vet and explain he situation - every reasonable Vet will will allow payments. You can't have him suffer like this - Please he is your responsibility.
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kitty needs to go to the vet NOWWWWWW there is no way around it. Vets will take payments and there is always credit cards. I think all pet owners should have a credit card for vet emergancies.
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Please take you cat to the vet immediately. Eating string is very dangerous and can quickly cause their intestines to actually get entangled. I lost a cat this way so I urge you to seek medical attention.
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Please take the cat to the vet right away....he may not be alive tomorrow!
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Yesterday I saw something on emergency vets about a cat who had swallowed a needle and thread - the needle was stuck in the top of the cats mouth and the vet explained that if a cat swallows thread or string, it sometimes gets caught around the tounge and the body forces the string down( (digesting) and it cuts through the major organs and causes major damage.

Take your cat to the vet NOW - and like every one says, they will make arrangements for payment. Your cats life is important.
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Silverpaws how is Simon?????
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My old cat ChiChi at my parents house swallowed a very large amount of thread once. It was starting to come out of her butt and everything..the vet said that she got really lucky because it could have clogged up all her organs/intestines. (He did x ray). She never threw up though.

If your cat is throwing up and being lazy that's bad. Please at least call your vet and see what he/she tells you to do.
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any news yet???????
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What happened to Simon? Hope you took him to the vet.
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When I returned home from work after sending my post, Simon was in the same spot I left him that morning. Once he saw me, he seemed a little groggy after waking but proceeded to stretch and follow me around the apartment. He seemed normal so I took out one of his favorite toys to see if he would play. He had TONS of energy! He is back to his old self. Whatever he ate must have come up and he slept the rest off. He's been fine ever since with no signs that anything was ever wrong. He's eating normally and everything! I've checked his litter for any stools with string or foreign objects and can find nothing. We are soooo relieved!!!
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Wow that's odd!

Glad he's feeling better though.
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I am glad to hear . - but when you go to the vet next month - tell him what happened just in case.
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Of course I will!
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Glad to hear your furbaby is doing better!
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glad everything is okay...
keep an eye on him though...
i think in an emergency situation you shouldn't be worried about taking your cat to the vet. Just take him. You and your vet can work out some sort of payment plan afterwards... i can't imagine a vet who would turn down a sick animal

It may not have been the string... he may have just drunk something icky, licked soap or something like that...

He's been known to eat the straps off of clothing but he always passes it in a couple days.
But you know... you really should be careful of cats that do this... next time he may not pass it...
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