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This is the famous Daisy that I've talked so much about. She's the one DH rescued after she was abandoned at a neighboring business and sent to the animal shelter. She was on "death row" and would not have been considered adoptable. When she first arrived home she was skin and bones, had intestinal problems, and hated each and every inhabitant of our house. She would attack me or Speck for reasons known only to her. She was afraid of DH. A snarling, scratching, cat with diarrhea does not exactly sound like anyone's ideal pet, but she is living proof that an animal can change. She is now the happiest, most loving creature. She is a joy to be around, a blessing.

I want to say I'm sorry in advance to the mods if this picture doesn't meet size requirements for the site. I don't anything about posting pics and I probably did not get it right.
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Aw, she is a pretty girl!
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See what love, and patience and good care, and patience can do? She is lucky to have people who would invest the time.

She is a sweet girl!
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Daisy is a beautiful girl
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Thank you all. She's my sweetie.
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She is so adorable! I love her coloring!
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Aww! I love Daisy, she's so pretty and feminine!
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awww daisy is gorgeous
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Thanks. When she first came home, I thought she was the oddest looking cat. She had short hair, but her tail was bushy, like a racoon's. It wasn't until later that I found out that the hair on her tail was short, as well. She just went about with it bushed out because she was mad all the time.
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