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MaeMae has discovered the Cat Trees....

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She only gains access when the other kitties don't want to be there... but she's been having a blast playing on the small cat tree! (She can hop over to the big one, once she manages to pull herself up through the hole in the top of the small one... but there's usually someone over on the big one... poor little girl ).
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Awww that is so precious! She looks right at home in that tree!

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I'm gonna make out!!!!!
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Yeah - I'm cute - and I know it!!!! Don't you?
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She is a typical kitty - loves to play with string! (We use nylon rope, actually, and only supervised. None of them have been able to chew through it yet!)
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...and of course, like the rest of the gang, she seems to love boxes! This one is just her size.... (And it has a clear side on one side. We put various toys in there so she can see them... it drives her crazy!)
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GOT IT!!!!!!
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She looks so bright and perky! Is she going to the new home or are you keeping her?
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I wish I could adopt her! I love her face, so innocent looking!
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...and I have sad? news... well... we'll see.

Last week Tuxedo had another UTI. (He'd gotten into MaeMae's food, which caused the problem). We took MaeMae in with us to see the doc when we took Tuxedo. She checked out great - and got her first vaccination.

BUT... on our way out, the lady who adopted Magic had just been in with one of her dogs for a check-up. She mentioned to the Vet assistant who's her friend that she'd like to adopt another cat. Gary and I couldn't deal with it at all, and decided not to think about it. We finally discussed it Sunday. We decided that if Janice (the lady who adopted Magic) is interested in adopting a kitten, we should probably adopt MaeMae to her. We know it's a fabulous home, she's not far from here... she loves and is great with her animals. She has a large home - much larger than ours!!! MaeMae is completely fearless, has never met a dog, and so has no negative experiences with them. She'll probably be great with them!

So yesterday we called the vet assistant, and told her to ask Janice if she's interested in MaeMae. Of course, the entire vet's office fell in love with her. She scampered all over the reception counter waiting for her appointment.

We love this little girl so much... but we have to do what's best for her, not what's best for us.

Tracy (the vet assistant) said it'd probably be a few days before she got back to us with an answer. I told her not to rush - we're in NO HURRY!!!!!

I don't know whether to ask for prayers that Janice wants her or to ask for prayers that Janice doesn't want a kitten!!!!! I'm sure MaeMae would be happy there. There's no doubt she's happy here.... but.... she will keep growing.... I'm sure at some point in our cat's probably 18 - 20 years of life Gary and I will move out of the RV (or into a larger one).... but ... who knows when that will happen?

It nearly broke my heart to make that call, but it's in the hands of fate now.... (of course, we can always decide not to go through with it...)

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Awwwww Laurie, you will miss her SO much, but it would do you some good, knowing where she is going. Will you be able to visit her?
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LOL MA! I was writing while you posted...

we haven't heard back from Janice or Tracy yet. We'll see what happens.

She IS perky - she has SO MUCH energy!!!! But FINALLY the other cats are playing with her without getting mad!!! She and Lazlo must have played "tag" or whatever that is for an hour! Racing to the front, racing to the back - Lazlo jumping over her, MaeMae running and trying to leap on him... then he'd just plop down, and she'd run up and tackle his feet... he'd plunk her on the head, and she'd race back in - try to bite his neck. It was so funny!!!! He did get mad once or twice... but all he did was hop in one leap up onto the tall cat tree - and of course, she can't (yet) follow.

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Yes. ...and Janice is the one who pops over to care for our ferals when we're out. We'd call her directly on MaeMae, but she'd mentioned it to Tracy (she knows we have no new feral kittens here this year)... so we just figured we'd let Tracy feel good acting as intermediary....
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Aw, what a cutie! (but she already knows that )

That had to be a difficult call to make, but like you said - it's up to fate now. No matter what, Mae will have a wonderful and loving home.
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Either way that little beauty will have wonderful people to love her! Maybe magic would like her as a friend. Great pics Laurie.
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awwww she is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!

I kinda hope you get to keep her. She looks so happy with you guys!
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What a cutie. I love the ones of her in the box
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How about a prayer for things to work out the best way possible for all of you? It is so good of you and Gary to have done so much for all of the ferals and the ones you have taken in to your home. It just amazes me that you have done so much in a relatively short time. There should be a special place in Heaven for all of you that rescue, and go so above and beyond what most people would even think of.
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Aw, Krazy Kat2, you're so sweet! Let's just remember you've rescued too!!!

...and Val - I kinda hope we get to keep her too! Well - maybe more than kinda....

But Krazy Kat2, I think that's a GREAT thing to pray/hope for!!!!!
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She's such a sweetie. Good Luck with what ever you decide to do with her!

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Oh, Laurie, just saw this post - MaeMae is absolutely adorable!!! I hope you get to keep her as well, but either way, it looks like she'll have a wonderful, loving home. I wish I could take her - her and Charm look similar (as well as Heidi's Ophelia). Loved the pictures - very sweet! Looking forward to hearing the news one way or the other. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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I'm with Val. I kinda hope you keep her. I will miss pictures of her sooooo badly. She's such a beautiful little thing, and she has grown. Her little nose.

You and Gary have far more strength than I do. I couldn't have made that call. I get too attached way too easily.
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Mae Mae has the sweetest little face! Please give her some kisses from me!
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Laurie, I LOVE the second picture you posted of MaeMae! Her little face is adorable!
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It sounds like you've got a three ring circus in your RV! She is just a doll and I bet those pic's don't do her justice. I do hope you get to keep her...she sounds like she's a blast to have around!
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wow that is a hard thing to do, but like you said its best for her and to let her go to this lady shows just how much you love her, and i think thats great i hope it all turns out for the best.
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Originally posted by LDG
Yeah - I'm cute - and I know it!!!! Don't you?
I loved the first and third pictures! She's such a cutie. I hope you get to keep her too!
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she looks really cute....simply love the pics of her in the cat tree ...i really do hope u get to keep her...she's such a darling...
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I agree with everyone else. She is adorable and I love the pics. As for who keeps her, that is entirely up to you. I am sure you have her best interests at heart and will do what you think is right.

I don't know if I could give up one after I had nurtured it but do know that time and space does inhibit what a person can do.

Prayers for you all.
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MaeMae is such a little sweetie. I agree with krazy kat 2, a prayer for the best solution for everyone. Things sometimes have a way of working out in the best interest of everyone, and I hope that happens in this case.
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