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new cat intro to a home with a cat

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Two days ago we brought a 2 yr old cat home from an animal shelter. His very good natured and likes alot of attention
and is at ease with our large family, 2 adults, 3 children.

We have a cat at home who has been with us for a year.
she's a 4yr old birman. She very good natured, but only likes one on one contact.

The two cats do not care for each other. They growel at each other constantly and the second night together, the male attacked the female. We have seperated the two cats.

Is is possible that they may never get along?

We are considering returning the male to the shelter.

What can we do to help them.


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2 days is a very short time to give even people time to get along. When bringing home a new cat, especially older ones. It is a good idea to seperate then from get go. Keep the new one in a room with a litter box and food. Keep the door closed at all times. You need to let them sniff from under the door. Cats can take up to months to get to know each other. It is most likley that they will learn to get along and actually enjoy the company, you just need to give them time. There is lots of great advice in this forum, keep looking at posts from the past. Lots have to do with your same problem. I hope you can work things out. With some time and patience, anything is possible!
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Hi Joe and welcome to the forums!

Please don't take him back to the shelter. He is so lucky to have found a goos home with you.

Like Sandie said, 2 days is a very very short time. I have never met two adult cats who managed to get along after two days. It usually takes at least a few weeks, often several months.

Definitely separate them for now and let the new guy adjust to the transition to your home in a close room - no need to add the stress of meeting a new cat right now.

Please have a look at other posts in this forum and let us know how things are going.
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Hi Joe,

I had a similar problem which I posted a bit ago on this forum and believe me, it does take time to introduce cats to each other.

My cats are just now starting to tolerate the presence of the other and this is after a couple months. (I'm very pleased, btw, that they actually came within a foot of each other tonight, sniffed, and did not growl or hiss!)

Be patient. I was thinking of finding a new home for the new cat too! But I'm really happy that I didn't!

Best of luck!

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I am experiencing a similar problem with a 1 year old male neutered cat we brought home from a shelter. Our "existing" cat recently lost her brother, so we got a new cat thinking it would shake her out of her depression.

It is shaking her out too much. He attacks her and she is always having to look over her shoulder. It has been 2 1/2 months and things aren't really getting better. He is very agressive towards her, but they are finally beginning to sleep in the same room and occasionally walk by each other with no confrontation.

I do not want to take our new cat back to a bad situation. he can be very loving and sweet. It may take a long time and a lot of work, and they will likely never be as close as the brother and sister, but we'll make it work! Hang in there!
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I recently got an a mother cat from the vet and two months later adopted another mother from the same vet. At first they hissed and fought etc, but not it is 4 months later and they are finally starting to be friendly. I saw Lilly(the newest kitty to the nest) cleaning Gabby's forehead when she was sleeping. They now chase each other and play and it is much more civilized. Don't get me wrong they still have their moments. If we see a fight we put them in separate rooms for a while. I think you just need to give them some time. Good luck, this is a great site for info.
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To all in this thread:

It helps to know I am not the only one struggling with an aggressive cat. It's been 2 1/2 months, and still little progress. Last night, the 3 yr old attacked the new cat again. I am also considering giving her away. She was a great cat when she was alone. The new cat's life is truly in serious danger. One bite abcessed a month ago.

One of you mentioned four months - do you think I should wait? The new cat lives in two rooms behind a baby gate most of the time. What about locking the older cat in the basement? I know that will create even more stress. I've tried Rescue Remedy for a month with no results and have read "Twisted Whiskers." She hides and waits to attack.

Thanks much,
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You may want to try re seperating them before giving up. If that severe of an agression continues, the little one could end up severly hurt. I would try the bathroom thing. Put the new kitty in the bathroom and have someone take her out for a little while while someone bring the older kitty in. This way they are always swapping scents. In a week or so, let her out and see what happens. If you dont seperate them, then try putting a collar with a bell on the aggresor to warn the wee one. I hope they can work things out!!
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I too am dealing with this issue. I have a 3 year old and was thinking about adding a kitty to our home. Perhaps it's not such a good idea. Have you tried giving your 3 year old more attention. Maybe the older one is feeling replaced.

Just an idea. Keeps us updated. I would like to hear if things ever worked out between the two of them. I will keep my fingers crossed!
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