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I sent hubby out to buy advantage and he came back with the wrong size - for the under 9lbs - Peedoodle is twice the size of that - is it safe to use 2 tubes or will one tube do it? Kahu weighs about 9½pounds.
What do I do?
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Is there a contact tel# on the package - maybe you can call them and ask. If you can't get in touch with them personally I would return it and get the correct one. I would not feel comfortable guessing.
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I agree, call them first, and if you don't get an answer that satisfies you, return them and get the right size. And tell you husband to PAY ATTENTION to his wife!
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If he got it at a local pet shop, just have him bring it back with the receipt and the package for an exchange. You CAN double the tubes (use two of the .4 ml tubes instead of the one .8 ml tube) but you're paying double. Read this fabulous link that hissy put up: http://www.lisaviolet.com/cathouse/advantage.html
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Thanks for the link Maui, that helps! I have ordered some over 9lbs advantage.

Thanks for the help!
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I recently bought the large dog size of advantage and I can treat all my cats and 2 dogs with one tube, I just use one of those plastic bathroom cups and drop in about 9 or ten drops and syringe it up into a syringe and it comes to the .4 mil mark and use it that way. It saves me so much money since I have so many cats and dogs and my vet says Advantage is the same product for dogs and cats, theres no difference. But I think that may be only the Advantage though, I dont know about other products like Frontline. I was really nervous about doing it this way and I asked my vet and she said it would be fine to do it this way to save money. Just make sure you get the small syringes, they work the best if you do it and tape the mark where you want the dosage to be because it desolves the marks on the syringe. Oh and make sure you throw the cup out and when you get done, wouldnt want anyone to take a drink out of it by accident.
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