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My husband had a heat stroke Thursday

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and I have been taking care of him since then..he went back to work for the first time today since the event that happened then....
This my reasoning for not being around much for the past few days....my life is very very busy right now, and I am just so thankful that he is ok...his left arm is temporarily paralized due to the trauma, he went in yesterday for an ER follow up, and they took some blood, and they will know for sure if this is a temporary or permanent thing with his arm....it was soo scary you all....I got there after the worst happened..he had passed out a couple times, and one of his co-workers, carried him in the ER....he had no control over his upper part of his body...they had to give him a muscle relaxer for this, and I got there shortly after that, and after about an hour, it started to wear off, and his arms started going everywhere once again...they had to give him another dose of muscle relaxer( nubaine I do believe is what it was, and it hasn't happened again since...they released him around 9:00 that night after being there since 4:00...I know that was the scariest thing I have ever seen you all...I just know i am thankful to have my husband here today..I thought I was going to lose him..but so far he is doing well since then.......just say a prayer that he continues to get better each day please?...thanks....
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wow that is so scary!! Looks of prayers going your way!
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That is so scary Kathy!
Prayers going your way!
Keep us updated on how he is!

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Scary! I hope he's better soon. Sending prayers.
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Wow, Kathy, I'm so glad he's OK and able to go back to work. What did they find out about his test for Diabetes? Sending prayers for a complete recovery.
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he ended up not going but he will be getting a test done this coming Monday...
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That must have been terribly scary! I hope that he gets stronger daily! I am sending many prayers your way!
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Sending prayers for the 2 of you!
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Wow I'm sorry.. how scary

*sending healing prayers your way*
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WOW! how terrible! get well vibes coming your way...
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Kathy, I'm so sorry!!! (((((Hugs))))) and prayers.
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Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear that he had a heatstroke, and you had to be so terrified. Sending prayers out to both of you, and lots of Board Magic! I hope both of you make it through this ok.
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Kathy , I'm so sorry! Sending Prayers and HUGS!!!!!!!

Keep us updated!!
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Hope everything turns out okay, and that he's feeling better soon.
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I sure hope that your Hubby will recover fully. That is a very scarey situation. I am sending you both prayers.
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I'm praying for a full recovery for you guys Kathy. That's scary.
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I'm so very sorry to hear about your husband!!! I am saying a prayer for him! Let us know how he is doing!
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Kathy dear, I'm so sorry! I'm sure you're ready to pull your hair out right about now! Saying lots of prayers for you all! I do believe that positive thoughts will help him get better! I'm sure you've got your hands full with the kids & Steve, but please don't neglect to take care of yourself!
(((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS TO YOU)))))))))))))))))))))
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geez thats dangerous, so glad hes going to be okay. please keep safe and becareful in the heat.
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Oh my, that is scarey.Good wishes and prayers coming your way!
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Hi!I'm new here...nice to meet you!I know exactly how you feel...went thru that several years ago with my husband.He's a carpenterand here in Missouri it gets hot!Our family doctor at the time(may be rest in peace)turned us on to gatorade and bananas and orange juice.He drinks the gatorade during the day,eats a banana and drinks a glass of orange juice in the morning before going to work.Knock on wood,we haven't had any more scary visits to the e.r.Hope yours recovers fully...thought and prayers your way!
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Kathy Hun- Any news?
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He's doing well still...thanks everyone for thinking of him, and for the parayers too...
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Glad to hear he is doing well. Have they determined if htere is any permanent damage?
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
Glad to hear he is doing well. Have they determined if htere is any permanent damage?
He has an appointment to see a neurologist on the 25th, for his arm...he had no control over his upper body Thursday, and we seem to think it could just be something temporarily, but we don't know for sure yet...I am hoping and praying it isn't anything too serious and will just go away eventually......
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Kathy, we hope it's just temporary too!!!
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That IS wayyyy scary. I have issues with the heat (I get heat rashes all the time and often have to lie down in a cool dark room to recover). Your hubby will now too. Be very careful with him.
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Kathy - I just found this - - I am really sorry this has happened to your husband. How scary - I'll pray for a full recovery.
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Kathy, I hope he makes a full recovery. That is very scary, I'll be thinking of you and your family.
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I hope your husband is doing well.
That must have been so very frighting!!. I do not do well in the heat and have had heat exhaustion once, it was awful.
I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
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