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things are allways in the wrong place!

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According to Hoover (cat #15 in our home) things are allways in the wrong place - more so at 03:00 am. Consequently she takes it uppon herself to re-arrange - usually what's high on a shelf comes down whith a crash - to let us know ... and it is never one item only, and it is never the same item two nights in a row... After we inspect her recent deed she chirps happily and goes to the next ittem.When access to up -high or to shelves content is blocked she just cheerfully jumps on top of sleeping us and chirps again. She becames agressive (tooth and nail) at any attempt on our part to "shove her off" and try to go back to sleep. If shut up of the bedroom - food and water trays are dislodged and spilt. Please - is there any "voodoo" we can do to reclaim our needed sleep and minimize danger to property?
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how old is she? Does she have lots of toys? Maybe a large kitty condo for her to play on. Having big kitty condos have really helped my kitties stay off of other high places. And switching toys that are out or maybe hiding tricks around the house might help.

good luck!!
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Hoover is three years old,was hand raised by us as a day old orphaned kitten along with two other sisters that we found homes for later on. She lives with our 15 other cats in a two bedroom apartment . All our cats are indoor only cats.They have plenty of toys laying arround + several hung down "teasers" in tha main balcony enclosure. We've reserved for our felines many high perches to lounge on - and Hoover uses them regularly - to watch life and to sleep. I'll try to build a tall cat tree or two (or variations) for the "horde" - but we are looking for some kind of intermediate relief for our sleeping problems. Thank you for the advice so far . I will certainly appreciate further gidance! Thanks again.
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I think maybe have three batches of toys. And everynight pick up the one batch of toys and put out a new one. My cats seem to love when I switch there toys around. Does she only do it at night? Is there any kind of pattern to the things she knots over. Maybe something shiny that the moon light is hitting. Maybe you can try making hoover tried by playing with a lazer toy at before bedtime. Hiding tricks keep them busy for alittle while but with 15 they would find them really fast (all my kitties are in my siggie I only have 10 inside right now and two outside)
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You have a two bedroom apartment and 15 inside only cats? Brave brave soul! Has there always been 15 cats for Hoover to adjust to, or did you add them gradually?

Paying attention to Hoover when she is shelf walking is encouraging her to do so. Her chirping noise is her way of saying, Look I am here, pay attention to me.

Having a lot of toys and a lot of cats should also means that you take time to interact with each cat personally one-on-one. Interactive play time, shut off in a room away from the others, will help her to see she is not being overlooked in the crowd. Most cats love to play prey type games with their owners. I have this one thing that I use when I clean my house. It is just a piece of fishing line with a toy on one end, and a clip on the other. I clip it to the back of my belt loop and when I clean house, it drags behind me attracting cats and kittens. I use it every time I clean, and it is great fun for the cats.

I would invest in a cat tree as well, there are some really nice ones out there, and it sounds like Hoover could benefit from at least a 6' tall one.

So you named her Hoover because you have to vacuum up after her?
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LOL Hoover sounds hilarious!!
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