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What's Dubai like?

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We might be re-locating to dubai... not immeadiately but maybe next year.
Has anyone been?
Does anyone know what life is like there?

I'm so happy there are no quarantine requirements!! So if we go our kitties can come right off the plane and into our home!! Hooray!
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Don't know anything about Dubai, but wanted to say good luck w/ the move.
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i don't know anything about it either. Maybe you can search online and get some info.
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A good friend of mine lived in Dubai for 2 years. Penny's husband was working there and they stayed in a special section for foreigners. I could email her and ask her to get in touch with you if you like?
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Woweee! A few of my friends that fly to bangladesh has had to stop in Dubai and they loved it! I have one friend who was raised there and she loved it but it seems that you really have to have money to live there though and her family definitely has it. She said it's really nice and the people are nice there and she already misses it after being here for less than a year after marrying and having her first child. I know that some of her friends have cats because she loved my JB right off and not too many of my friends are cat friendly.

I hope you are able to keep in touch with us once you get there!!
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Dubai is a cool place. Very modern and a good portion of the population knows English. I know a lot of people who live or have lived in Dubai and they loved it. My husband also says it is a great place. Of course he's Iraqi so anyplace would be better then what he was used to!
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Wow.... that's great...
We're not sure yet if we're moving. My fiancee has applied to Emirates but we wont know wether he's been accepted for at least another six months....

I'm quite excited about moving... If we do, but it woud be nice to know a bit about the place first.

I might take you up on your offer once we confirm that we are going Hissy. Thanks guys
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