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I'm an aquarian and hubby's a libra...

He used to HATE cats and totally considered himself a dog person. But then the first stray turned up...and he has grown in to such a MUSH for our kitties!!!!!!

BTW - I don't know how to add a poll to a thread, so I'll ask one of the other Mods to handle it, OK?
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Cool! Thanks!
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You would have to start a new thread.
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i'm A virgo
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Sun in Virgo
Moon in Virgo
Ascendant in Gemini
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Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo

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Libra Sun
Capricorn Moon
Sagittarius Ascendant
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There were 2 threads going regarding astrological signs. So I've merged them together.
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Sun: Aries
Moon: Scorpio
Ascendant: Aquarius
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I'm an Aries, and my s/o is a Cancer.
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gemini here!
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I'm an aquarius and bf is a gemini.
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Hooray Another Aquarian... LOL!
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I'm a Leo and all the cats
around here always wanna be by me.
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You left off Sagittarius! I edited the poll to correct it.
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I am an Aquarius.
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Sagittarius -- so's my husband -- opposite cusps. Fawn is Daddy's girl, but will gladly suck up to Mum; Cindy is Mummy's girl, but will gladly suck up to Dad; Suzy is Suzy's girl -- that is, if she feels like it she'll suck up to someone, but mostly she's a bit of a recluse.
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Originally posted by E36
I dont care for star signs..
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Just thought I'd give my 2 cents
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Well Sorry Mr. DragonPass , It clearly states on the poll , that Aries is winning with 7 soooooo Aries rule

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I'm a Taurus, married to a Leo. Kittycat is a Taurus, too. Have you ever seen those cat horoscopes?
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Caps are the best thats why their sooo rare
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