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What's Your sign ...The Poll :)

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I'm just curious if y'all think that certain astrological signs are more fond of cats than other signs. I'm a cancer, and I've noticed that my cat-loving friends are aquarius, leo, gemini, and cancers. What sign are you?
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omg what pretty markings, and that tail, its beautiful nice picture.
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Scorpio and my hubby is Gemni. The kitties seem to follow me around and just love on him when they want too
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I'm a Cancer, hubby's a Gemini.
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Libra here! Well balanced and thoughtful. NOT!!

We must have them all about covered now!
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sorry this was suppose to go to another thread, i dont know what happened, geeee my sign is cancer.
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Libra, but getting pretty close to Scorpio. Dad's a Taurus and loves cats, brother is a Libra and prefers dogs.
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I'm an aries and rich is the fishy one
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I'm a virgo and hubby is a leo! Looks like we all love cats!
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I'm Sagittarius and Bill is Aquarius.
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I'm a Libra
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I'm a carefree Gemini!
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I an a Taurus,Ted is a Sagittarius
And yes I can be bullheaded!
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Aquarius too! Hubby is a Virgo, Kids by age are Sag, Taurus, and Cancer. The Taurus like the cats better than the others. Cancer only likes kittens. Sag only likes the DSH. Kids not at home with cats Gemini.
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Im a taurus and hubby is an aquarius
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I dont care for star signs..
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Too bad this isn't a poll. That way we could see the signs that came up the most!
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Yeah... what Teresa said!
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I am an easy going Pieses
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I'm a capricorn.
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Aries here!

Good idea Teresa, maybe we should make a poll and merge the two threads together. Maybe a moderator could help?
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Hey Ginger & Val! Guess what I'm a Aries as well
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Hubby's a cancer.
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I'm a Gemini, with a Cancer rising and an Aquarius moon. I LOVE cats, but I also LOVE horses, as well.
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I'm a Leo and my husband's a Saggitarius
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A poll would have been great ... dragonlady, you're so smart! So far, it seems like there are quite a few geminis, cancers and leos here -- with a nice mix of all of the other astrological signs as well!
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