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Some dilemma

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I've seen one of the threads and I saw one of the kitties with an eye removed. It kinda got me thinking about my stray cat that stays downstairs my apartment.Jack's a wonderful and very vocal fella but he lost one eye due to an infection and he was never brought to the vet to the infected area cleaned up. i found him that way and by the time I knew him, his infection and wound shave all healed. It's just that he's got scraps of dried blood and all on his face. Should I get him to the vet? Is he gonna be ok if he is left alone? I'm worried that I cannot give him enough care if he needs medication. What should I do?
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Oh poor guy I would definately take him to the vet.
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Yeah take him to the vet at least for a checkup to see if all of the infection is gone and to give you both peace of mind. Good luck with the purrbaby
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Poor guy, if you can catch him you should take him to the vet... and then adopt him... (just an idea)
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