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ODT for Friday, June 22, 2001

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Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd start Our Daily Thread for today. I am so greatful it's Friday. I'm working days today so I get tonight off to spend with my furbabies. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Might rain tomorrow but that's good cuz I'll have to stay in and clean which is desperately needed, since I spent last weekend having fun with the girls at the Cape.

Ciao everybody!


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Good morning everyone! I am having another lazy day in the land of unemployment. I am hearing some thunder rumbling outside, so it's almost time to panic and unplug the computer here in the lightning capital of the world. I have another fun-filled day of studying planned, along with possibly writing a paper. The cats are tearing around the house like it's some kind of race track. With the berber carpet in here, they sound like 2 little horses.

Tomorrow would have been my dad's 71st birthday. Hard to believe he has been gone for 9 months. I am taking my stepmother to the cemetery tomorrow. I think about him every Monday night in my law class. I can almost picture telling him about the class each week. He went to law school for a couple of years. Plus, he always said he would have liked to have been a professor. My professor for law reminds me of the kind of professor he would have been. He did so like to talk and talk!

Well, that's all for today (or at least this morning). Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

:icecream: :pinky:
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Hello to you both! it has been a long day....I work in a factory....have been there 12 years....and every day I ask myself why do I go back???? But I need the money. Someone has to pay for all the food for these furbabies I have!!!
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I'm late again as usual: It's Saturday. Well, Friday wasn't too exciting. The big event was the reception of a new laundry-room key from the apartment-complex manager. Wow, neat huh?

Oh, I got some pills in the mail from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs. I was almost out of sertraline (Zoloft). Heavens!

Can you spell "boring"? Perhaps today (Saturday) will be filled with excitement. Stay tuned!

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