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Zoey's new game

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It's called chase mommmy LMAO! I start in the kitchen, talk to her in play talk, then I run into the bedroom and say "come get me boo!!!" and she runs after me and then jumps on the bed while making that strange "BPRRRRRRR" sound they make Then I run back into the kitchen, same scenario she runs full speed after me its so unbelievably cute! All the while making "BPRRRR" and "meawww!" sounds and rubbing on my legs. We just did this like 5 times in a row and I had to come sit down! *out of breath*
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LOL! You're exercise buddies!
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too bad ya didn't get that video! I woulda paid to see that!
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hey, sounds like u guys are having fun!!! u know sicy, it's a good way to train up your lungs..hehehehhe
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Sounds like you two have been getting a good work out
I love that sound when my boys make it. Soooooo cute
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Originally posted by Shell
too bad ya didn't get that video! I woulda paid to see that!
Yeah Sicy... you need a video camera! We have to see Zoey in action!
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I wish I could get a video! I should have my bf tape it next time he's over

kateang how well you know me already

Zoey makes that sound ALL THE TIME. I love it.. its the cutest thing ever
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awwww that is too cute!!!
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Has Zoey wore you out yet? Meoooommmm she wants to play some more
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Originally posted by blondiecat
Has Zoey wore you out yet? Meoooommmm she wants to play some more
omg she does!! I stopped and sat down and she walked around me going "MMMRREEEEOOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWW!!!!"

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That's so cute...!!! i love that noise.... zooey was making it ALL the time when she was on heat. Now she just does it when she wants to play. And when she wants affection....

who couldn't love them?
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Awww... Once again I have to say that she sounds like such a sweety.
post #13 of 19 to get her to allow you to chase her for a while, turn the tides and then let her chase you. My husband has that game down to perfection with our perfect little angel Scarlett (or Miss Scarlett). Took him about a year to perfect, so keep practicing!!!

Scarlett: a 5 pound medium length haired red tabby about 1-1/2 years old - perfect fluffy tail and dramatic main. Her mother disappeared when she was about 3 weeks old and we weaned Scarlett, her sister Maggie and brother Twinkle Toes. Maggie and Twinkle Toes live with our friends now. She is dramatic (Miss Scaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhlet), a lover girl, and right now asleep on my lap.

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That's So Cute Sicy!
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Momo Zoey wont let me chase her I guess I have to practice
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Try this.... peek at her from behind a door and then hide, and then peek, and then hide... she should start stalking you pretty soon, as soon as she gets near the door stick one finger around the edge and see if she bats it. if she does than you can probably jump out at her and she'll run away... then you start all over again!
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LOL actually now that you mention creeping.. she does this thing where I could run from her and then quickly crouch down like a cat and she'll peek at me from afar, around the corner and chirp "mee eh eh eh eh" and get in pounce mode like she's gonna come get me LMAO.. eventually if I chirp back at her she will run full speed to me "BPRRRRR!" and stop right next to me
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She's stalking you!!! That's cute. Sometimes when they stalk you, as soon as you make eye contact with them they like FREEZE! then as soon as they think you're not looking they come a little closer.... CATS are SUCH FUNN!
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They ARE so much fun I love them sooo much Zoey actually makes eye contact with me during this and chirps and creeps up closer until she runs at me .. its kinda scary actually LOL. When I first brought her home she did this and I totally freaked out cuz I didnt know her that well and I didnt know if she was going to attack me or what
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