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No Kneading?

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Jericho will be 15 weeks on Sunday and he doesnt knead...every cat I know kneads, and I think its adorable, but for some reason he just doesnt. I didnt know if this was something they do when they get older or if some just dont do it at all?
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I do not know about kittens and whether all cats knead. I have heard other people say that some of their cats are not such frequent bakers at all. I know from my cats that Teppo did not knead pretty much at all for the first 6 months he was with us. Just an occasional toe curl.

Teppo came to us as an adult and it took him nearly a year to totally relax and let loose his big cat ways. Now he is one helluva baker boy. I do not know if he discovered something new or old. It coincided with him just accepting that he was cool with us, learning to trust that he was safe and really just becoming a mama's boy who likes to knead on (mostly) my arm pits. Our other cats knead way more and more varied targets.

Teppo is still developing with his kneading. He used to be very shy and worried while he did it. Now he is able to knead in public places, in day light and may sometimes even continue after getting interrupted by other felines.
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Cute! I've been wondering about that too because my 13 week old doesn't ever do ANY sort of kneading...
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Queen Eva (14 1/2 weeks old) does not knead yet either.

Mazy cat did not start kneading until just a few months ago. Mazy is 6+ years old, unsocialized when I adopted her at 6 months old.

About a year ago she started working her paws in sort of a half knead, just curling and uncurling the toes a little a couple of times, when she is curled up on my chest/shoulder. I was thrilled to see it after all these years, but the true kneading only just started, and she doesn't do it very often, she still mostly just does the toe curl.

Jennie (4+ years old) on the other hand, kneads so often she practically kneads when she walks. She even does Air Biscuits.

I rescued Tolly at 5 weeks old, but I think he started kneading on me right away. (he's 11+ now) He kneads with front and back feet.
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Only one of my cat kneads, and he just started doing it (he's 1.5). I definitely don't mind the lack of kneading from the other ones (well, at least the other one that has claws). My mom's cat does it, and the stray that lives in my complex does it, and it hurts! When my mom's cat has done it to me in the past, I actually had little spots of blood on my leg. She doesn't trim his claws, so I'm sure that's part of it, though.
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My cats are mixed about kneading - Da Lip kneads madly, Da Magpie will once in a blue moon knead with one paw. Barn cats are similarly diverse in kneading habits - Jack kneads me, Streak kneads air, and Tippy will sometimes knead what he is sitting on, the other three never knead
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Perhaps your kitty is waiting.
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Give him time. It's too soon to decide he'll never do something.

Oddly all three of my feral borns kneaded within the first week I had them - they comfort purred (to themselves), too. Despite their still fear of me at that time all three of them loved being combed, their little paws would just slightly knead as if they didn't want to let me know.

Find something Jericho really really loves that makes him purr loudly, that may set off the kneading. Or find a texture that he likes. I have one cat that only kneads soft fleecy things.
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Thank you! I just wanted to make sure he wasnt messed up haha, but of course after I posted this he started kneading on my boyfriends belly, but he hasnt done it we shall see!
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I have two cats, both 2 years old, both rescued as kittens. One of them (Tiger) is very happy go lucky, one of them (Maggie)is "deeper"! Maggie didn't knead for months after we got her and then one day she just started to have a slight knead on her fur blanket and now it is a daily occurence, I think she had to settle in and feel safe etc (she had been found in a box in a field abandoned at about 6 weeks old - I don't think she has ever forgotten either!)
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My cat Spanelli (RIP) never kneaded. He was 2 yrs old when he went and didn't knead once.
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