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Hi, all...

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...just lurking here in the weeds, reading everyone else's posts, and thought I should introduce myself and my (sweet) monsters.

I'm Fran, in Vancouver, BC, and said monsters are Suzy, not quite 4, grey tabby and white shorthair; Cindy and Fawn, litter mates, 2 and a bit, black tortie and fawn tabby, respectively, the latest in the long line of feline friends; and Rob, honorary cat, AKA husband .

When I get my act together and figure out posting pictures to the web, I'll include pics of the fur people, of which I have more than a few, even of Cindy and Suzy -- who hate cameras but don't mind the digital -- but especially of Fawn, who is enough of a ham to butt in when I'm taking other photos and flop in a fetching pose before me.

I think I'm going to like it here, though I'll probably have to ration my time, or I won't get anything else done !

Back to reading, now. Talk to you soon.

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Welcome Fran! I see you've already got this place figured out, with having to budget your time here. It is VERY addicting! LOL

Enjoy your time here, and I look forward to getting to know you and all of your family on the board!
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Hi Fran....welcome to the best cat forums around. Show use pictures of your cats!
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Ok, folks, here's a first attempt at pics. Fawn is the picture perfect person posing with the flowers...

Suzy is our snoozy girl...

And Mum's little Bun, Cindy, is looking over her shoulder...

OOOOOOOO, I hope this works.
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So let's try this again, now that I've reread the instructions!

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Oh, bummer. Looks like HP Photo doesn't allow remote linking.
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Hello! glad you decided to join us! welcome to the boards!!
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Well, those are kinda tiny -- happens when you give the address for the thumbnail Shall we try once more?

Didn't think we'd go for the full screen version
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HI Fran

Welcome to the board , Hope you get the posting thing sorted out

I'm Sam and I breed Persian Cats!

You will love it here, Hope you enjoy your self

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Hi Sam,

I think that last attempt was satisfactory. Thanks for the welcome. I'm already enjoying myself
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HiYa Fran---- Awww I don't see it..

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I can see most of them! Beautiful kitties Fran!
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Hmmm...what happened to Fawn?? She was there last night! So, here we go, let's try this again...

So, let's see if we got the little Lawn Tiger this time.

Oh, yeah...thanks...they are sweeties, aren't they? (Not biased or anything... :opposite: )
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I also can't see your babies, but I wanted to welcome you to the board, Fran! Hope you enjoy it here.
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Hi- I saw your pictures just now. Very cute Fran.
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Welcome, welcome welcome!
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Hi! Welcome!
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Hi back at ya!! Can't see the pics? Looking forward to whenever they come back up.
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WElcome!! Unfortunately I can't see the pix either I'm sure they're precious tho
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Hi. Yeah, not sure what's going on, but when I post them using a link, they show up at the time I make the post and then for whatever reason fall off later. I've dealt with that problem in other threads, simply by using single messages each with an attachment, but forgot to come back here and do the same. Since I'm at work, I don't have all my pics here -- only a few that I wanted for specific reasons -- and I don't think I have the ones I wanted for this post. Anyway, now that I've been reminded that the kids have fallen off this thread, I'll post again tonight at home. Till then...
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Okay, folks, here come the kidlets...

First Miss Suzy, since she's Big Sister...
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Well, that one worked, now Fawn...
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...and finally, Cindy-bun...

hmmph! the one I wanted is already in Torties! but here's another...
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