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My cat Angel has the longest hair of my three cats--she's a Turkish Angora and her hair is fairly long and silky, but it never matts. She suffered the most during the recent heat wave here in the MidWest, but she didn't want to go near the portable A/C at first because she didn't like the noise and it probably smelled funny to her.

This unit has a water tank inside and a drain on the outside, and I have been letting the water drain into a large pickle bucket so that it would run all the time while I am at work. I always turn the A/C off in order to empty the bucket (not doing that will damage the unit), and whenever I turn it off Angel always comes over and sits and stares at the portable A/C, then she'll give me a look that says, "Why'd you turn it off? You ARE gonna turn it back on, aren't you?" She'll sit there and won't move until I come back with the empty bucket.

Ruby (my shorthaired girl) also becomes concerned whenever I turn the A/C off for any reason--she'll sit and give me the evil eye until I replace the bucket and turn the unit back on.

Little Rocky doesn't care--if it's not food or a toy, he's just not interested.