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I need Help

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My tabby kitten (6 months old) might be put in a household cat division in a cat show, but when she is around other cats she hisses and makes funny noises. Can you help me try to make her calmer around other animals?
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Hmm I would think the best way would be to have another cat!
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I second that one! To me it sounds like your kitty needs a playmate so he can extert all that stored up energy! Plus, it's much more fun to have 2 in the house! Plus, since he's only 6 months old, he has ALOT of kitten in him yet...he'll slow down eventually!
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Hi- At cat shows,cats are not with other cats.

I voted in your poll, I breed Persians.
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I'm confused by this poll. It doesn't seem to match the text.
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I don't understand the poll either.

if you can talking about breeding a non purebreed I would say to get her fixed and look here www.petfinder.com

if you just want to show her as a "normal" kitty and not breed her that is great
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Please - Don't breed non pedigree cats.
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