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I found some pics of Booger that I'd never posted before. I can see why - the pics are terrible. It turns out the film was old. Booger was the first stray that chose us to be her family and opened up our world to the world of cats. (Her story is here: Booger's story )

Anyway... she deserved to be an indoor/outdoor cat. She loved coming in late afternoon and leaving at between 2:00 and 4:00am... and when we adopted the other feral kittens, for a whole host of reasons, we decided to find Boog a furrever home. It was such a hard decision to make, and we agonized over the options... but worked with Maine Coon Rescue to find her what seemed like the perfect home. Gary braved the worst icestorm of the nightmare that was this past winter to get her to the Philly airport to meet a friend of her new mom so Boog could travel in the plane to Oregon (from NJ).

BUT... I've only received one update on how she's doing. That was just a few weeks or a month after she was adopted. It's been... six months now. E-mails have received no further reply, and several voice messages back in Feb never got replied to.

Should I contact Maine Coon Rescue and ask them go get an update on our Booger girl? I think of her every day, and I miss her so much!! I'm crying as I write this. She was such a sweetie....
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I would do just that, ask Maine Coon Rescue to get an update on her.

And I think the pictures of Boog are lovely, even if a bit grainy. (and that one of her smiling is my FAVORITE!!!)
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Boog the love bug....
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Wow. She is gorgeous I would be very upset to have stopped receiving updates I would do whatever I could to contact those people.
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On the hunt - a wonderful summer evening!
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In the middle of a bath!
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Sorry... Just one more!!! Her favorite place to lie down and hang out... the fireplace!!!!
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Laurie I have to go to her area tomorrow. I would be happy to stop in and see how she is doing? Let me know?
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Laurie, did you see Hissy's offer to go visit Booger? She made that offer on one of the threads (perhaps the Caruso thread) in Ferals.
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She's sooo sweet and cute! I hope you can get in touch to find out how she's doing!
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Oops...Mary Anne, we were posting at the same time. I hope Laurie sees your offer!
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wow that is a pretty cat!
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I don't think the pictures are bad at all. I mean, we can still see how adorable Booger is. I love her big white back paws!
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Well, her friend transported Boog, and Maine Coon Rescue acts as intermediary, so we don't have her address. I'm searching though, and I've already contacted Maine Coon Rescue.

I don't expect I'll have the address before you go, but it's worth a try!!!!
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BTW MA - that is SOOOOOO sweet of you!!!! I can only hope that I found these pics and posted them here because I was supposed to, and Maine Coon Rescue will magically get back to me tonight with her addy...all the night before you're there!! I just hope that this is how it's supposed to be.

Got my fingers crossed!!!!!
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She's a beautiful one little angel in fact...i hope she's doing fine and living with a loving family...
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Laurie Booger is gorgeous

Keep us updated on her

good luck!sam
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Aww...Laurie. I do hope Booger is ok and that you locate her.

Beautiful Pictures!

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It took an awfully big heart on your part to give her up. I can tell how much you loved her and still do. I hope you find out that she is healthy and happy.
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Well... I found a site where you can pay to look up addresses from phone numbers. It didn't work... but they did come up with an address from her name and state. I only used a first initial - and it came up with the right name, right spelling - and right age of person. I sent the info to MA - but I don't know if she's going, because I really don't know if it's the right person!!!!! The other issue is that Boog's new mom does work full-time.

But last night I contacted her new mom (again) and the Maine Coon Rescue co-ordinator who worked with us to place her. I haven't heard back yet. I'll give it a few days, and then I'll contact Maine Coon Rescue directly.
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Laurie, I have my fingers crossed for you. I expect that she is just really busy with work, and with looking after her cats. She does feral rescue too, doesn't she?
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Booger is just beautiful!!! I hope that you will find out how she is doing very soon and let us know!
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