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I brought my dog in today

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I decided to bring my dog in the house today. I live in Texas, and it is already HOT! I have a black lab, Daisy, who I got last fall from the pound; she's about 1 and 1/2 years old. I had been planning on her being an outside dog, since our house is kind of small (about 1600 sq ft), we have two small kids, and Muffy's in here too. I've never had an inside dog before, since my mother was extremely allergic when I was growing up.

But now I'm really having second thoughts about this. Daisy was ok during the winter since it doesn't really get that cold here. But now it is just so hot outside that I feel guilty having her out all the time. I went outside to brush her today, and her fur is just all over the yard. She's shedding by the hand fulls. She's also having such a terrible time with ticks. Plus, since she's a lab, she's so much happier with her family. So, I bathed her and brought her in.

I'm wondering how Muffy will deal with this. Daisy and Muffy have always gotten along in the past (I'd bring Daisy in every now and then). But now Muffy has her kittens. They're in a closet down stairs that I have latched so no one can get in, but Muffy can get out. I've also gated the front entry way where the closet is. That way Daisy can't get anywhere near them. I'm not too worried about Daisy hurting the kittens because she'll never be around them - they'll have to be gated away from the kids.

The problem is that if I decide to keep Daisy in the house permanently, I won't be able to keep a kitten from Muffy's litter. My husband things that a large dog and 2 cats would just be too much, and I have to agree with him. Our house is just too small.

Any comments or suggestions?
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With the cat and dog, as long as the dog stays away from the kittens she should be fine.
I have always had an indoor dog. I can't give you much advice. You can only handle what you feel comfortable with. Cats are a lot different than dogs. I really don't think 2 cats and a dog is too much, then again I live in about 900 sq feet and I have the 11 cats and the dog. I actually came very close to taking a small dog out of the Boston rescue league last weekend. I will wait though until I have a little more room.
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Any dog we have had has been an indoor additon to the family - I feel that dogs left out all the time lose their manners - get lonesome - not to mention the other problems you sited. I think the dog and a kitten would get along - we have never had any trouble after a few days of close monitoring - as for the room issue - I am always falling over something with a paw and fur. Eventually - you just learn to walk around them. :tounge2: and....they get adept at getting out of your way too! Good luck with your decision!
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Good luck with Daisy.... please let us know how it goes!!!
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Well, my husband, being the world's most patient man (ha), has a fit when Daisy is in the house. He doesn't mind that she's here, but then he complains when she licks him or follows him around, you know, acts like a lab. Also, he says no way to her sleeping in the house.

So, here is what I've decided. I'm going to compromise. Since I stay at home, I'm going to have Daisy in the house every moment I'm home and take her out when Doug comes home and starts to complain. He ususally doesn't get home till almost 7 pm anyway. Daisy is going to sleep outside. So she's still be in the house during the hottest part of the day and getting the attention she deserves. I'm going to keep one of the kittens rather than two. That way I can keep up with everything better.

Daisy is blowing her winter coat, and you should see the hair. After 10 minutes of her being in the house, there's black hair everywhere!
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Sounds like a good compromise. Does she have a good dog house or shelter to get in outside? I totally understand about the 'patient husband thing'. The hair......I would like to be a test market site for vacuum cleaners - with all five cats and our dog - I have a myriad of colors. :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
Good luck.......
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Oh, yes, she has a nice dog house and lots of shade in the back yard. I also bought her a swimming pool to cool off in. She's pretty spoiled. I sure love her...
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Sounds to me like Daisy has it pretty good!
Lucky puppy!!!
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I AGREE; It sounds like you made the RIGHT decision about DAISY!!

We have two dogs in a fenced in backyard and it gets "Really HOT" in MO. also. I have it fixed so that they can come and go from the basement to eat and sleep or to get out of the heat. When it is realy hot we turn on the sprinkler on the shady, grassy side of the yard and they love to play in it, just like a couple of "Spoiled Kids"
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Dawn, just wanted to add something else....I have 2 dogs outside...and it gets realy hot here in Iowa in the summer ,too...heat index upwards of 110 sometimes with the humidity....but my dogs do fine outside, they have a ready supply of water....I always keep the water dish full, and they have lots of shade to lie under, and they seem to LOVE it! And as for the ticks....I used to have a terrible problem with ticks on the dogs, until I started buying Frontline from my vet....it goes by weight...I buy the one for dogs 40 lbs and under for Scruffy, and the one for dogs over 90 lbs for Sheena. It comes in a three month supply...and once a month i apply it to them...it is in liquid form, just break the tip off, then you apply it between their shoulder blades, but you have to get down to their skin first, then apply it all in one spot there. It does no good if it is just on top of the hair. this works great for them! And it also kills fleas!!! I also bought some for Merlin since he is an indoor/outdoor cat, and I didn't want him bringing fleas into the house.

As for the fur....Sheena has been shedding something awful, her winter coat, so I use a curry comb on her, and it works great!
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Daisy was outside for the weekend because of my husband. I was planning on bringing her in today until I found something really disturbing. When I was showering this morning, I found a tick on me! Let's just say, I cannot handle ticks well. They completely gross me out. I had the willies for hours after I picked this tick off me. I must have gotten it off of Daisy. I couldn't stand the thought of her bringing more ticks in the house, especially with two small children and the baby kitties. So she's been out today too. I used Frontline spray on her last Friday, but she still had tons of ticks on her face Saturday morning (really tiny ones that you had to look hard for). So I saturated cotton balls with the spray and rubbed them into her face. Eeeuuwww....! I'm going to have to get an exterminator to treat the yard and house, but that costs money, so it'll have to wait a bit. I don't think the ticks will be attaching to Daisy, but I don't want her tracking them in the house. So she'll be outside until I get this under control. I am making more of an effort to get out with her during the day and walking her each night. Yesterday I took her to Petsmart with me, so she enjoyed that.

At least she has plenty of shade and her swimming pool. It's not too hot right now either, only low 90s. Kind of strange for Texas...

I feel bad for poor Daisy, but I just cannot handle ticks, not at all. My husband is going to thoroughly check my hair tonight. If he finds any, I think I'll just cry.
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Dawn....I am so sorry you are having such a problem with ticks!!! (yuk)
I have never heard of frontline spray....the frontline I use is in a tiny plastic vial, and you apply it just like I said.... I have never had any problems at all once this is applied! I know what you mean aboutthe ticks giving you the heebie jeebies!!!! I hope you can find a solution!!!
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Whatever you do don't think it's just the dog bringing them in. It is a really bad year for ticks. They sit at the top of grass and will grab onto anything warm. Pant legs,bare legs,shoes and all clothing. I would think about treating the yard with something to kill all the ticks in the yard.
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Sandie - That's definitely what I want to do, inside the house too. Just nuke them all! My kids play outside in the yard all the time, and the thought of them getting ticks bugs me.

On a happier note, my husband gave my hair a close look, and no ticks were found. Thank God!
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Yeah, they are no fun at all. Here we have the deer ticks that carry the Lyme's disease. Every spring we treat the front and backyard with Diazanon. It kills ants,fleas,ticks and grubs. I know there's more too. This year we didn't get enough down on the side yard and my daughter had one on her neck. Thank goodness it was neg for Lyme's. If you treat the yard and the dog, you should be just fine this summer.
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Sorry about thje tick problem - I totally understand that - last year I had one attach to a 'sensitive' part of myself when I was at my friend's farm. How embarrassing to go to the doc with one hanging off my left breast! (it broke in two when I was trying to get it off) YUK!!!
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I am the first to admit it, I am a wishy-washy flake. I brought Daisy back in today. She is currently having a pretty bad allergic rash on many parts of her body. The worst is on her neck where her collar rubs. She's scratched it raw. I've been putting cortisone ointment on the bad places to keep her from scratching so much, but the area on her neck has gotten pretty bad. It's about 5 inches long and 2 inches tall. She's scratched all the fur off there and it's now pretty infected. I've been cleaning the area with hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day, but it's still really gross. She has a vet appointment on Thursday, so I bathed her in a medicated shampoo and brought her in again today. Of course I checked her from head to toe for ticks and didn't find any. I guess the Frontline kicked in. I just can't take a chance of bugs and dirt getting in her sore. I feel just horrible for her. I hope the vet will give her an antibiotic for the sore so she doesn't have to go through the hydrogen peroxide - it hurts.

I sure am glad Muffy is easy! Daisy is making me a nervous wreck!
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How can your husband NOT love Daisy??? Does she have bad manners? If he hates the idea of a loyal, loving dog following him around, then he is crazy. I've had dogs follow me and licking me. Does he rather have an aggressive dog who won't pay him any attention. The place were I live, the owners have a rottie who looks to be suffering for the weather. We all try to see if he has enough water and shade.
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My husband loves Daisy, but he thinks she's too big to be in the house. Since she follows us around all the time, I think she invades his personal space. Lately my husband seems to be suffering from a lack of patience, with the kids and the dog. I don't know what the problem is, but it extends to all of us. I try to keep things pretty quiet and calm when he's home so the yelling is kept to a minimum. I don't know what's going on with that, but it's something that I can only pray about.
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Dawn, it sounds like he may have a food or flea allergy. Once he has gone to the vet he should heal just fine. I am glad you brought him in to look after him. You will have to let us know what the vet said.
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Dawn; How lucky
Daisy is that you have been keeping an eye on her. I hope her recovery is quick and not too costly.

Have you tried asking Hubby what is wrong lately? Is he the type of man to keep his stress or job-related problems to himself? I hope he will let you help him thru whatever it is.
Until he talks to you; you are doing the right thing via prayer.
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