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Kitty going through a stage

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My cat is four months old now. He looks well... funny, his head looks too small for his body, and his feet are very large, add to that his fur is short and slick all over except for his tail which is thick. This must be the growing up stage in his life(lol). Looks like his eyes will remain green.
It seems like he is bigger each day, this past week I cannot believe how much bigger he is.
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They grow up so fast!!!! If he's four months old, his eyes are the color they're going to be.

Our Sheldon was so funny looking as a kitten!!! His head looked all the wrong shape and size... but he grew into it, and (IMO ) he's quite handsome now, LOL!
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My sister's cat, Alexander, looked the same way then he was a kitten. He grew to be huge! Everybody who first saw him asked the same thin, "Is that a cat?"
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I remember the awkward growing stages. We always knew when Trent was going to grow because his ears would get HUGE and then he would grow into them! It was SO funny!!
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LOL Heidi! We're a little scared because Tuxedo is our smallest kitty (of the same age, LOL!). He's just nine pounds... but he's got these HUGE feet.... I sure hope he doesn't decide to grow into them!!! (He's a year and several months old now).

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My little fella was like that when he's a kitten..he's got exceptionally big ears and a small body. We thought he looked more like a rabbit!
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I had a lovely red tabby boy that was kind of thin with huge paws. After he got to be about 1 1/2, he had a growth spurt and almost grew in to those paws. Then he was 22 pounds with big paws. His vet said there was Maine Coon in his ancestry. He was the biggest baby with a tiny meow.
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They DO grow fast. Sounds like he's in the equivilant of the "awkward teenager stage!"
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